49 Shades of black


It was 49 Shades of Black
His love came in so many hues
I was to submit myself completely
He could only love me while subdued

At first I found it quite intriguing
there were these games he would play
Over time it got overtly aggressive
His each command I was to implicitly obey

Was this love, I had my doubts?
Of pleasure, there was no denying!
to me it was only exhilarating
but to him it was very satisfying

But be a slave to his exotic passions?
Could I really so pretend?
Was there affection in his touch?
with his ministrations must I contend?

How far must I really take this?
before his love for me could show
Must he inflict pain upon bare flesh
before his intentions I could really know

Was this fetish his only longing?
Was this bondage his only desire?
How could he remain so unscathed
and not be burned upon this pyre

You must think that I am so wretched
to be claiming this strange love divine
an object of desire within this prison
going through this elaborate pantomime

And yet I stayed for as long as I could
became a slave to his many whims
lose myself with each encounter
to fall in love was my cardinal sin

The End

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