02 His Fate and Past

"Then they lived happily every after. The end."

"Wow. If that was what happened, why didn't the princess just tell him in the first place..."

"This is what you call a story. Anything is possible. The author chooses the path of the princess and made her lose her voice." I closed the fairy tale book and placed it on the shelf. Then I sat back down to peel him a fresh apple.

"Then why am I here? Is it because I'm in a story and the author is making me like this?" He looked outside of the window. "I want to go outside. I want to experience something fun. Like the princess, I don't want to be trapped in one place forever."

"Well I could ask if you are allowed to be let out."

"You could? You really could? He looked desperate.

"Yeah I'll ask." After I watched him eat the apple, I got up and walked downstairs to the staff room.

The End

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