“He’s headed North through the alleys. He looks as though he’s heading for the North-East exit,” The voice crackled through the radio. I continued to drive down the road at 29mph, cautious to not go over the speed limit. I turned right down a small road, and I spotted the alley which the criminal was meant to be exiting. I parked up straight outside, and looked out my window. As the helicopter pilot had told me, the man turned a corner and headed straight for the exit. He reached the exit, and I burst out my car, gun in hand, and pointed the gun straight for his head. “Stop where you are!” I yelled at him. He slowly turned to face me. “Now put your hands on your head,” He slowly moved his hands up to his head. I heard the helicopter pilots voice crackle through the radio again, “Uh, we may have a problem. The suspect has got a gun in a pouch on his back, under his shirt,” the guys hands moved down the back of his head, “repeat, he has a gun under his shirt,” the guy pulled a gun from under his shirt and took a shot towards me. He started to run off, shooting at me from behind his back. I ran after him, keeping the gun at my eye level at all times. I rounded the corner and saw the guy get into his Audi TT. I took three shots, one of them smashing the back window, the other two piercing the rear bumper. The engine roared and the car sped onto the road. The helicopter flew over me, and I ran back to my car. I got in and forced the engine into life. I sped off, and flung the car around 180 degrees to face the road. I drove off onto the main road and heard the helicopter pilot through the radio, “Suspect is heading to the North, three roads down on the left,” I put my foot down on the throttle and sped down the road. I watched two streets go past and then saw the third coming up, I forced my car left, onto the opposite side of the road, and managed to get my car down the road. I shouted through the radio, “Backup! I need backup! Chasing suspect wanted for questioning regarding drug retailing!” I continued to speed down the road and saw the suspect’s car coming into sight. “Uh, we need information on your position, and the drug retailer’s position,” A voice came through the radio. I replied, “We’re both Northbound, heading down the Western Estate,” I continued to catch up with the suspect as we sped down the road. “Backup has been launched. E.T.A, one minute,” I powered on down the road, the suspect only ten metres away, a corner nearing at huge speeds. I watched the suspect’s car, as he flung his car ninety degrees to the right. I followed, drifting my car to the right. My rear end flicked out of my control, and went straight into a civilian car. The driver’s window smashed, glass clattering over the driver. I put my foot down on the throttle, and continued to chase after the suspect.  I heard the noise of sirens coming from behind me, and I looked in my wing mirror. Five police cars were powering down the road behind me. I looked back at the suspect and saw he was heading straight for a main road. I shouted through the radio, “Chopper 1, I need you to get ready to shoot at the suspect’s car!”

“Uh. We’ll get our men prepared at once,” the pilot’s voice came back through. I continued to watch the suspect as he swung left onto the main road. I followed close behind. I pulled my car straight again, but within seconds had to swerve it right and around a car. I bumped the left side of my car up onto the path, missing all the pedestrians.  I pulled back onto the road, in front of the car and followed the suspect forwards. He rammed into the rear of a car sending it spinning, and I marginally avoided it as it spun in the middle of the road. The suspect continued to ram into the rear of cars, as I swerved left to right to avoid hitting them. As I pulled my car around one car, another spun right in front of me, and I went smashing into the side of it. We slid down the road, and eventually came to a stop. I stepped out my car, and all the police cars that were following had been stopped by the collision. I limped around the car crash, and the suspect was gone, no longer driving down the road. One of the police officers came up to me, “Sir? Do you need help with anything?” I responded quietly but clearly. “Yes you can actually. Take me back to the station,”


I sat in the chair in my boss’ office, and I heard the door open behind me, and then close. “So James,” my boss said, “I sent you out on a job which was a simple, in, get the criminal, out job. You went in, and you got, but where’s the criminal?”

“Sir, it was harder than we expec…”

“No, no. No, no. No excuses. You haven’t got the criminal, your car, given to you by the police force, has been ruined, and civilians have been injured. You can’t have any excuses for that,”

“Sir, he had a gun,”

“I don’t care if he had a God damn gun! You have no criminal, and civilians are in hospital. This is going to be in the fucking media!”

“Sir, this was not my fault,”

“Yes it was! But the media are going to push the blame onto me! Get this fucking guy caught, else you’re out!”


I got out the taxi and went to the driver’s window. I passed over the ten pound note which was already in my hand. I walk up my drive and up to my front door. I put my front door key in the key hole and turned it. I opened the door and walked into my house. I closed the door behind me, and walked through the hallway, into the living room. I turned right and walked straight towards my sofa. I sat down and took the TV controller from the arm of it. I flicked on the TV, and BBC1 turned on. It was the news at 10. “And a big headline in the news today. The captain of the Straights Police Department has been blamed for civilian casualties today, in a chase to catch a criminal which still got away. This is what the captain had to say,”

“I assure you, the police officer responsible for this terrible incident will be charged for damage to the community, and suspended if he does not catch this criminal. The criminal is not a large threat, and will not harm anyone. He is still a criminal though, and so I will warn the public to not do anything stupid. Our top men are on the job, and before long he will be locked up,”

“The Captain has not made any further statements. In other top news…” I turned the TV off, and got up off the sofa. As I walked past the TV to head out of the room, I spotted a piece of paper next to it. I picked up the paper and read it,



Oh James. You just couldn’t catch that criminal could you? Oh well, no need to mourn over the lives lost in the next two days, because after the two days there will be something bigger. Unless you can stop it.

A bomb. That’s what. A bomb will go off in two days, unless you stop it. Now then James, your 48 hours are ticking away. GO!

The End

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