The StationMature

The alarm clock buzzed, waking me up. I rolled over in my bed and smacked my hand down on the snooze button. The clock went silent, and I rolled back onto my back. I opened my eyes, and slowly climbed out of the bed. I walked straight past my alarm clock and headed for my bathroom. I filled the bowl full of water, and dipped a flannel into it. I wiped the soaked flannel over my face and let the cold water drip down onto my body. I moved my hands over to the right of me, and grabbed the towel from the rack. I wiped it down my face as it soaked up every drop of water. I threw the towel on the floor and walked back into my bedroom. I walked straight past my bed and straight across to my window. I pulled open the curtains, and the light flooded in. I walked over to my drawers which stood next to the alarm clock. I slid open the top drawer, and removed a top from it, and threw the top on the floor behind me. I slid that drawer closed then slid open the second drawer down. I grabbed the closest jeans, and threw them on top of the top behind me. I closed over that drawer and then opened the bottom drawer, skipping out the third drawer. I took out a pair of socks, and a clean pair of underwear. I slid off my pyjama shorts, and slid the underwear on. I then grabbed the jeans from the floor, and I stuck my left leg in them, then the right, and then I pulled them up covering my legs. Then I grabbed the top from the floor, and slid it over my head, and over my arms. I looked at my alarm clock, 7:00.Damn. I need to be at the station by 7:15.I quickly put on my socks, right foot, then left, and then I dashed to my bedroom door, which stood opposite the bed. I left my room, and ran straight ahead and down my stairs. I turned right, and headed towards my living room. I picked up my keys which were sat on the coffee table straight in front of the doorway. I turned back around, and headed back down the hallway. I ran straight past my stairs and straight towards the front door. I put the doors key into the keyhole, and turned it, unlocking the door for me to leave. I opened the door and quickly left. I locked the door back up, and ran of the porch onto my drive.

My modified Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 sat on the drive. It was painted metallic gold, with two white stripes running parallel to each other right over the car. The rear bumper had a metal badge on it, with a mould of a snake on it. Just above the mould, darkened by the shadow of the spoiler was the word,SHELBY,the word starting and ending at the edges of the backlights. Near the bottom was a black grill, with the car’s license plate on it. On the left of the license plate was an image of a snake, the same as the mould, and the word,MUSTANG,was written across it. At the very bottom of the rear bumper was the exhausts. There were two on the very left, and two on the very right. The metal gleamed with the rising sun shining on it. The spoiler was angled at twenty degrees, with two spikes pointing down from either side. The side had stripes running across them, the word,GT500,running across them at the front tyres. The same snake symbol from the license plate stood above the word. The door handle was metallic silver, which shone brightly in the sun. Grills covered the small windows which were placed on the sides at the back of the car. The front of the car only consisted of a grill in-between the headlights.

I ran to the right side of the car, and put the car key in the lock. I unlocked the car and opened the door. I slid sideways in, and put my key in the engine slot. I turned it, and the engine roared to life. I put my foot on the accelerator, and my car pulled off the driveway.


I pulled up outside the station and looked at my watch.Damn. 7:25.I turned off the engine and quickly stepped out of my car. I jogged towards the building in front of me, and continued down a path. I reached the main doors and pushed them open. I continued to jog right and straight into the elevator. I pressed the button,1,and let the elevator take me to the first floor. I stepped out, into the HQ of the station. I turned left and passed four desks. I heard a voice behind me, “James. I have assigned you to head out and catch a criminal who has been spotted in some back alleys. A helicopter has been deployed to watch over him,” I spun around and faced my boss. “Sir, I’ve only just got in,”

“Well, if you were in fifteen minutes ago, you would’ve had fifteen minutes before I told you to do this.”

The End

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