48 Hours

48 hours. That is how long your memory is. Every other day at 12 o' clock at midnight, your memory disappears. You won't remember the person you have met before. This begins the adventures of Tiffany Regan...

01 And who might you be?

Keys, bag, everything else... check. Okay I guess it's about time for me to head out.

The sunny sky greeted me as I locked the door behind me.

I'm Tiffany and this would be my first day working at a rehabilitation center. I'm in high school now in the eleventh grade. I had to do a volunteer job so I picked this. I was good at working with people anyways so why not give it a try.

I walked across the street and went around the corner. The bus was quick to come and I rode for five stops. As I got off the  bus, I stood right in front of a building called Ester's Rehabilitation. I walked up the twos steps and opened the double doors.

There were three people seated in the waiting area. They seemed occupied with themselves. Two ladies were on the front desk, one talking on the phone and the other looking through files.

I walked up to them. "Excuse me. I'm here as a volunteer worker."

The lady with the files looked at me. "Name please."

I answered, "Tiffany Regan. I was booked to start today by  Mrs. Heatherfield."

"Oh okay. My name is Rachael Morgans. Nice to meet you. Looking at the information I got from Mrs. Heatherfield, this is your first time working. Am I correct?"

"Yes. I'm not really sure about what to do." I blushed. I had absolutely no experience at this at all.

"Well even if this is your first time, you got yourself a tough patient. His name is Brian. I'll give you more information about him later. I think you should go and meet him first. He's in room 241, up the stairs, make a right, and down the hall. For today, just introduce yourself and get to know each other. Now off you go."

Tough patient? I wonder what he would be like. Is he rude? Or does he misbehave? And shouldn't they be introducing us?

I knocked on the door and someone on the other side said to come in. I opened the door into a white room. It was whiter than any other hospital room I have ever seen. Even the cabinets and the tables were white. The only color was the clothes I was wearing and the hair and skin on our bodies.

In front of me was a teenage boy my age. He has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. His face looked like a cute child at the age of four. "Who might you be?"

He looked normal enough. I approached him. "Hello Brian. I'm Tiffany and I will be looking after you from now on. Nice to meet you."

"Oh, same here."

"Why are you here? Are you not feeling well? Shouldn't you be going to school?"

"Why? I don't remember. NO! I don't remember a thing. Why? Argh!!!"

Brian started to fret and go crazy and I had no idea what to do. Just then, the reception lady, Rachael, came in.

"Calm down Brian." She laid him back on his bed and allowed him to sleep. "It's just a dream. You belong here. There is nothing for you to do but sleep." Then she came up to me and dragged me out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"What on earth did you do to him?"

"All I did was ask him why he was here instead of at school." I looked down, afraid to meet her angry eyes.

"Look don't tell this to him, but his case is serious. After every forty-eight hours, his memory goes blank. No matter how much you want him to remember, it is impossible. You wanted him to recall something right now which is why he was in torture."

Lost memory? "Wait, but how am I supposed to treat him?"

"All you have to do is keep him company. Don't reveal anything to him about his past and you will be fine." Rachael turned and walked away. "Oh." She turned to look at me. "And it would be best if you don't ask him a lot of questions. Stories are the best solutions."

I was confused. This was the job I signed up for. I turned the knob and opened the door to see such an innocent face sleeping on the bed. Why? What has happened to have caused such an incident?

The End

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