44th st. and park

This is a complex city. It is so easy to get lost here. Left or right, it's hard to choose a direction when you are unaware of the destination. A hint here or there may give you a glimpse of what it is you;re searching for. You will see people here and there, they are lost as well. Searching for that place, easily confused, dazed and distracted. Keep going straight, hold your breath. Hold your tongue. put the blinders on and walk. You;re getting there. Sometimes you have to back track, you see people going this way and that, try to decipher the right way. Its hard, no one is holding your hand guiding you anymore. Some of us were pointed the right way, the road gold with opportunity. Others were let go too soon, pointed in hazed directions. By the ones searching themselves. Its ok to sit and correctly map it out, take your time this is no race. You are taking in valuable information on this road, which may not be the best suited. But it taught you something. Hopefully you learned from this mistake and will be able to pass your new-found knowledge, and help others not to stray into this alley way. For all you found was a dead end. This city is vast, and like i stated complex. If you can make your way through it, you will be alright. we will all meet up in the same place.

The End

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