367X-10 Marsilac GardenMature

The story of a time machine built in a format of a city bus, and how the poorest of its passengers travesl through time while he is coming back home after a extenuating working day !

Hey, hey, why don't you stop for me , asshole !!!

Christopher was furious. Altough that wasn't the first, and for sure wouldn't be the last time the bus wouldn't stop for him, he was tired, eager to get home, have shower, eat watching TV, and sleep listening to his brazilian bossa nova records, recently acquired in a Best buy store (May it rest in peace...)

He was about to sit on the bus stop bench, anticipating that would take a while for the next bus, when he saw a strange bright far, in the dark.

This bus's lights he was seeing were not like anything he had seen before...It was weird, but not as weird as the bus colours (scarlat, gold and green). "Pretty, he thought."

Would it be a new bus company he didn't know ? He decided to rise his arm, asking for it to stop, and ask the driver.

-"Hey, good night..."

-"Night, kid. What can I dof  for you ?"

"Weird, a bus driver this gentle, Christopher thought."

-"I was wondering, by any chance this bus goes any near to Marsilac Garden?"

-"Well, not really...at least, not always...But since this seems to be a special night, I can drive you near that, yes, alright. Jump in !"

"This night doesn't have anything special for me, but sure it is strange...Well, what the hell, what could I loose ?"


Christopher climber the bus's stairs, and sat at the very end of the vehicle, in the farthest possible seat from the driver.

It was already 07:15 p.m., and it was already getting dark.

Suddenly he noticed a strange bright coming from outside...

The End

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