The Numbers

In a few hours, we were all unpacked, unpacked meaning we brought all the stuff inside and placed them in the living room. It looked bigger than the actual house. Judging by the living room, we had a long way to go. First, we had to pick the rooms we wanted, then put the appropriate items in them, and after that, we’d probably be done.

After the U-haul trucks drove away, my parents turned to us girls.

“We need you three to check out all the rooms upstairs for us.”

“Sure, I’ll go.” Char said.

“Send Scarlet up there alone. Whatever she saw could eat her and we’d be rid of her.” Nena snorted. Everyone turned to me to see what I would say, because trust me; I always had something to say.

“No comment.” I stuck out my tongue.

Char shook her head and led us upstairs. I swear it almost took us an hour climb the darn thing. The reason for that was that the stairs went in a spiral shape. When we finally reached the top, we discovered that the house had had an elevator all along. How ironic was that?!

Anyways, there was a long hall ahead of us. It contained a lot rooms and I wanted the biggest one for myself. But, before I could pick a room, I had to count all of them first. We had 12 bedrooms in all, plus some other unrelated rooms.

 The fifth room down was the biggest, and I was guessing that it used belonged to my grandfather. I took a quick look inside and too my surprise, my grandfather had put the numbers ‘32007’ all over the room; especially the door and the window. I stared at the curtains for a while. Then, it hit me!!! This is the window I was looking at when I saw that thing! I yelped and jumped back.

“What’s wrong with you?” Nena laughed.

“I…I saw…” I started to say.

“Saw what?” Char asked.

“I saw the--the thing in this room!”

“What thing? What you were talking about outside?”

I nodded my head vigorously. Char laughed.

“You do have an overactive imagination.”

“It’s not that!!” I yelled.

“Then, what is it!? You know what? Out of my way!” Nena pushed me out of the way and started towards the elevator. Char held onto my hand so I wouldn’t do anything I’d regret. I yanked it away and walked into the elevator. The elevator had many cobwebs in it; I had to crouch low to avoid them. And when some elevator music came on, I had to laugh. The elevator finally came to a stop and we stepped out. My parents were pretty surprised.

“Where did the elevator come from?” My dad asked.

“We discovered it when we climbed all the stairs.” Nena laughed.

“Scarlet, why are you twitching?” My mom inquired. Once again, everyone turned to face me.

“Twitching? Twitching? I’m not twitching!” I nervously laughed. I was pretty sure that I looked crazy. Char came up beside me and put her arm around my back.

“Alright people. Let’s get all this stuff into their proper rooms so we can give ourselves some proper rest.” Everyone turned to the boxes to start working, except for me and Char of course. She turned to me.

“You okay, Scar?” She asked concerned. Ah. Big sister to the rescue. Isn’t that cool?

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said, still twitching.

“Well, instead of unpacking stuff, I’m putting you in charge of the trash.” I stopped twitching.

“TRASH!?” I stomped my foot on the ground.

“Yeah, so you don’t see anything again!” She giggled. She ran upstairs and left me to drag the tattered boxes outside into the trash can. I started to stuff them into the trash can when I saw a girl jog by. I was so relieved! I guess this neighborhood wasn’t deserted after all. I decided to call out to her.

“Hey, hey!!! Over here!!!” I waved. “Hi!!!!!” 

She looked at me like I was crazy, but jogged over anyways.

“Hi, I’m Macy Violet! Who the heck are you?” She panted.

“Scarlet Indigo at your service.” I stuck my hand out. She took a glove out of her pocket, put it on, and shook my hand. I thought she was being mean, but I remembered that I had been taking out the trash before she came over here. “Well, that’s strange. My middle name is Violet.”

“Yeah, fascinating.” She dropped my hand. “Wow. Someone finally moved into this old house. I guess it was just a matter of time.”

“My grandfather owned the house…but why is that so surprising?” I asked out of curiosity. She eyeballed me. I was starting to get irritated by this girl.

“Haven’t you heard the rumors yet?”

“What rumors?”

She looked left and right, then she told me to come closer.

“The house you’re living in is haunted.”

I didn’t know if I should laugh or confirm my greatest fears. So, I did both. For now, I knew that I had seen something in the window. I just didn’t know what.

“Is it haunted, or is there just some creepy human being living in there?” I asked.

“Not sure. All I know is that they call it The Slasher.

The Slasher?”

“Yeah. He comes out on Halloween and kills anyone that is in his house, supposedly”

Now, I was really creeped out.

“We’ll see about that. Do you want to come inside? I think we’ve unpacked most of the food.” I laughed.

“Nah. Maybe another day.”

“Okay, see ya.” I waved and turned to walk inside.

“Wait! When and where are you starting school?” Macy asked.

“Mcglover—Mcglower,” I tried to say.

“McClover.” She laughed. “You totally massacred the name.”

“Anyways, I start tomorrow, which is Monday.”

“Oh. The 20th is a good day to start school. We always have some sort of rally or something at our school.”


“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

“Odd question. Fifteen. You?”

“Same here. When’s you’re b-day?”

“May 10th.. You?”

“Darn it! Another Taurus!”

“When’s you’re birthday?”

“January 26th.. And I’m a proud Aquarius.”

“Pfft. Whatever.

“SCARLET!!!” Nena yelled from inside.

“Sounds like you’re needed inside.” She chuckled.

“I’m guessing that too.” I slapped my forehead. Nena was going to get it. And I really meant that.

“Well, I’ll be seeing you.” She waved.



I turned around and ran inside the house. As soon as I was in, I was met with Nena’s angry speech. She was standing over the stairs.

Scarlet! Where have you been!!? It doesn’t take thirty minutes to take out the trash! I can’t believe that I have to keep looking out for you! You are such an ungrateful two-faced slow person!”

“Oh would you hush up!? I was meeting a new neighbor and it’s not like I got abducted!! I was right in front of the house!!! Forgive me for not thinking that a fifteen year old like me could get kidnapped in front of her house!!” I screamed back.

Both of you cut it out!!” Char stepped out of the elevator. She walked up to me and punched me in my arm. “Where have you been!?”

I punched her back and ran up the stairs past Nena.

“Watch it!”

“Shut up!”

I slowed down. The doors that I came to had paper plastered on the front of them. First came Nena’s room, then Char’s, and then mine’s. I stopped in front of the fifth room because it had my parents names plastered on it. I panicked because this was the room that I supposedly saw The Slasher in. I started to knock on it.

“Go away!” My mom yelled. I did it again and I got the same answer. It didn’t take long to realize what was happening.

“Ew.” I backed away from the door and walked back to my room.

I saw that the bed had been dragged in here with great effort because there were carpet streaks on the floor. Two boxes of my stuff were placed in a corner with the closet wide open. I had a window in the north side of my room which really had a great view. I knelt down by my boxes and started to unpack even more. I took out a calendar from the box and placed it on the wall.

12 more days until Halloween.

The End

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