The story of a girl and her family who move into their dead grandfather's house.

I slammed the door to my room and catapulted myself onto my bed. We are moving and I can’t believe it. I, Scarlet Indigo, a rambunctious and vivacious young woman, specifically being at the age of fifteen, have spent the last 14 years of my life in this house. Now, everything was about to change. My school, my friends, everything!!! You see, we’re in a tight financially situation right now, and we have to move from our prosperous home in Belle Meade, Tennessee, to a not so prosperous hom--house. I was not going to call that abandoned, old, and decrepit household in Antioch a home.

I sat up when I heard knocking on the door.

“Who is it?” I called.

“Charlease. Open up.”

Let’s get this straight. I am the youngest sister and sibling in my family. Nena, (Angela), is the oldest at age seventeen. Charlease, (Char), is the middle sibling, at age sixteen, and then that leaves me, Scarlet Violet Indigo. I know, the name absolutely  sucks. My parents basically took some colors and made my name.

Scarlet Violet Indigo.

Red-purplish blue.

What a joke.

I scooted off the bed and swung open the door.

“What?” I asked

I’m the one that should be asking you that.” She smiled. I walked over to my mirror and she stepped inside.

“What do you want?” I ran my fingers through my hair. Char was nosy, so I braced myself.

“Nothing. Mom just wanted me to see if you started packing yet. I guess that’s a no.”

“I refuse to pack.”

“Why is that?”

“I can’t move into an old house in Antioch left by my grandpa. It’s creepy.”

“Oh…that. Well, how so?”

“Think about it Char. Grandpa never invited us over, and when he did, it was to one of his condos. Then, when we’d offer to come, he’d dismiss it like it was nothing. I’m telling you he had something to hide.”

Char laughed. I scowled at her.

“I’m sorry! It’s funny. You’re going hysterical over a house you haven’t even been inside yet.”

“So? If we move into that house, it’s going to be our undoing!”

“Paranoid.” Char sang to herself. I ignored her. “Don’t worry. It’ll be alright. I think grandpa would’ve warned us if there was something running around in his house.”

“If that were me, I wouldn’t tell a soul.”

“Girl, just start packing. We leave in 3 weeks or less. I think that gives you enough time to say goodbye to your friends.” She started to walk out.

“No, that’s not enough time! Give me a year!!!!!!!” I yelled. I could hear her chuckling to herself.



Sadly, the three weeks have elapsed. I’m sitting in the car right now, with two U-haul trucks following close behinds. I count all the beautiful Belle Meade houses we slowly pass by. That only means we’re a short distance away to the portal of the underworld.

I was right. It really didn’t take long to get there. At least not in general. We pulled up in front of the house. And if I wasn’t scared, I’d be impressed. The house was huge. I’m guessing that it was previously known as a mansion but I still felt like it was in one of those comedy/fake horror movies like The Haunted Mansion. Although, I did get a really good laugh. Anyways, I stood there observing the house, wondering if my guesses were right, and wishing that I did not have to come here.

“What do you think, Scarlet? I see you’re already keeping tabs.” My dad, Freddy Indigo, said. I didn’t stop looking at the house when I answered.

“I feel like I’m in The Haunted Mansion.

“Oh, you and you’re imagination.” My mom, Rosada Indigo, giggled. I was not imagining anything. Something deep down in my gut told me we should not be here. That feeling got bigger when I looked at one of the windows. As soon as my eyes shifted to that window, something disappeared behind the curtains.

“Nena, did you see that?” I tugged on her sleeve. She was unpacking something out of one of the U-haul trucks. When I tugged on her sleeve, she dropped some of the boxes.

“Hey!” She pushed me.

“Hey, yourself. It was an accident!” I pushed her back.

“Accident my a--” she said, pushing me harder.

“Don’t you even finish that sentence!” Char yelled, separating us. She wasn’t fast enough, so I got one last push in. I swear if Char wasn’t right there, Nena would’ve beaten me to a pulp or yelled obscenities at me.

“She started it!” Nena yelled. “She yanked my arm and I dropped one of the boxes. She’s lucky that wasn’t her head.”

“Yeah right. I’d like to see you try!” I yelled back at her. My parents stood aside, stupefied. Nena lunged at me, but it didn’t scare me. Char pushed Nena further from me.

“Scar, is that true?”

“Yes, I did yank her hand, but the stuff falling was an accident. I was yanking her arm because I saw something in the window.”

“Exactly! You’re so full of it! All you want is attention! Mom thinks it’s an overactive imagination, but I know better. It’s a drive for power over all of us!”

“You know what?”


“Shut up! And you know why? Because you’re a stupid and paranoid maniac!” I screamed at her. I could see Char’s head turning this way and that way to watch us yell at each other.

“Oh, I’m paranoid?” She whispered in a calm, scary way. Char had had enough. She pushed me towards my mom and Nena towards my dad.

“I can’t believe I’m related to you two!” She puffed. Nena and I glared at each other as we continued to unpack the U-haul trucks.



The End

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