It's the year 2100 and half of Earth has been completly destroyed by a creater everyone thought dead. The people who saved them last time are all gone, died long ago, now the professor only had one choice...

He couldn't balieve it, through all his hard work and dedication he had still failed. Professor Wolf has failed to cure his own son, he was dieing. He was lying on the make-shift bed his face as white as a sheet, his eyes closed and his breathing so slow and laboured, it tormented the professor as he looked down upon his son. His son's name was John Wolf, he had scares and wounds deep within his heart and yet, he managed to find love. He was a father, of perhaps the most pleasant young boy he had ever met, long dead now. All that was left was the Professor and his shadow of a son, alone within the ruined home. The ground was shaking and the walls shook just adding to the urgancy of what the professor was about to do.

The dim light outside shone through the high windows of broken glass. The professor raised a vial so it caught the light and he could see it better. A single drop of red liquid sparkled within and the professor set to work and within the hour, it was done, the dreadful, terrible deed that would decide the fate of humanity. 

The End

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