Day 3

I spent the whole day yesterday  scrubbing and disinfecting everything in this whole apartment. I still woke up with some creepy crawly thing with hundreds of legs crawling across my face! Not only that, but I heard scrabbling in the walls. I'm absolutely certain it's mice.

I picked up  the phone to call down to the office to complain, and try to get an exterminator up here . All I got was dead air space. Cursing like a sailor, I gave it a couple of good whacks against the wall.

I checked the receiver again and was welcomed by a dial tone. Brute force and ignorance wins out yet again.

I  suddenly realized that I didn't know the number. I would have to get that old phone book out from under the bed again. Hopefully the office number for this building hadn't changed since the turn of the century.

After I had propped up the bed with a good thick can of spaghetti sauce, I retrieved the telephone book. When I opened it, a piece of paper fluttered out. It was clean and crisp, and not the least bit yellowed around the edges.I was pleased to see that it was a list of tenants for this floor.

Danny Hunter was listed in 2A with his phone number and the date he moved in - New Year's Eve, 2000. The next  apartment was 2B with a listing for Jason and Elaine Aldecott, with their phone number, and the same occupancy date - New Year's Eve, 2000.

The last entry was for this apartment, 2C. There had been nine tenants in this apartment , and all of them had moved in on New Year's Eve  of each year. I presume that the previous tenants moved out the same day as the new tenant came in, because there were no exit dates for any of them.

I was listed as the last one, occupancy date, New Year's Eve, 2009. That's the day I signed the lease, but I didn't actually move in until January 1st. That was the day before yesterday. There had been no sign of anyone else here, so maybe the most recent  tenant had moved out New Year's Eve, like the others.

That list must have been in the phone book since before I moved in. Who would bother updating the list to include me? Certainly not Falcon Hawking. He didn't strike me as the sort of man who would go to all the trouble of getting the list out from under the bed.

This was indeed a mystery. At least I learned two more names, Jason and Elaine Aldecott. I have to go and get enough groceries for a month today. Hopefully that wheezy old refrigerator will last that long.


The End

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