Day 1

And so the adventure begins!

As I sit at the cramped, wobbly desk in my apartment to write this entry I am filled with so much nervous energy my hands are shaking. This must be what undercover cops feel like on the first day of their assignment, before they’ve won over the trust of the people they’re seeking to infiltrate. I do hope that I’ll be able to read these wavering scribbles a month from now when it is time to go over this journal to prepare my exposé.

I shall begin with a brief description of the neighbours I have met so far.

Danny Hunter - the young man in the apartment across the hall from mine, I would say he’s in his early twenties. Unkempt dark brown hair, darker brown eyes, flawless olive skin. Speaks so softly I have to stop what I’m doing to hear his words, otherwise even the whisper of my shirt against my skin drowns him out.

Met him in the hall as I was bringing the last of my bags in and he asked me what I did for a living. I’m quite proud to say that I told him I operate several websites without sweat pouring down my face or my voice shaking! I introduced myself as Sharlene Wallington - quite clever, if I may say so myself.

He showed some interest in seeing which sites I run - I’ll have to manufacture an excuse to avoid that for the next four weeks.

Tina - a middle-aged woman with curly black hair than hangs just below her shoulders, she was sitting in the lobby reading one of those empty, glossy fashion magazines while I was moving in. Despite her bright pink dress she seemed very shy, I could barely get her name out of her! I’m not sure which apartment she’s in but I shall attempt to discover that in the coming days. Maybe Danny can help with that?

Falcon Hawking - a man with more wrinkles than hair, his eyes are the palest blue I have ever seen on another human being (I dare say they remind me of the spring star flowers my mother grew in our little garden beside the garage). The landlord of Evening Gables he is. The welcome wagon he is not. The man barely spoke two words to me when I arrived at his office to pick up my key!

Speaking of his office - what a poorly lit, foul smelling room. I feel fortunate not to have been invited in for a cup of coffee, not that there was any chance of such an offer being made. I think his natural countenance is somewhere between a scowl and a snarl.

I’m also not convinced that is his real name.

So three residents met, eight to go. I plan to spend most of my day tomorrow (Sunday) in the common room - I spotted an old TV with rabbit ears, a dirty green couch, and two medium-sized tables with newspapers and magazines arranged erratically on their surfaces. I will be the flame these moths come fluttering to and they will begin to reveal their dark secrets to me!

I can hardly wait for the discoveries that await!

Sharon Sharlene

The End

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