31 Days at Evening Gables

[from the journal of acclaimed reporter Sharon Hallsworth]

This marks the start of my 31 days! Or rather, tomorrow does. Out of journalistic curiosity, I, Sharon Hallsworth, have taken it upon myself to spend an entire month at notoriously shady apartment complex Evening Gables.

This may seem like an odd venture, but through careful note-taking (That's what this journal is for) and a sense of adventure I think I may discover some important lessons about modern society at Evening Gables.

My plans:

  • Acquaint myself with other tenants
  • Never leave the complex, except when shopping for groceries or other necessities
  • Take detailed notes (Again, that's what this is for)
  • Finally, do not reveal myself as a journalist! I'm just another usual tenant...

So, I'll be leaving for Evening Gables tomorrow morning...

The End

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