The Squad

"Saddle up boys and girls, we're going for a ride." announced the Lt. to his squad as he strolled across the room to a weapons locker.

"Already loaded and locked." answered his Sgt.

Wicks looked around to dim room on the ship. He watched his riflemen try to sweet talk his sniper Anya into a date.


"Yes, sir!" said the private as he snapped to attention.

"Clean my pistol." Marshal tossed him his sidearm and checked the bolt on the rifle he had selected.

"Wilcox, where's my Demolitions expert?"

"The same place your gunner is."

"And where's that?"

"Ze zame place ze ammo iz." laughed Cpl. Vicks Starcove.

Wicks stripped the rifle and swapped out the barrel for a heavier caliber.

Wilcox raised an eyebrow.

"You planning on sustained fire?"

"Counting on it."

The End

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