Enter BESS vs Phantom: A Thirty Second Battle

"Red Fox, we need this operation to be quick and silent. For now you will stay by the General's side and protect him at all costs. Do you copy?"

"Yes commander."

"And get that partner of yours to patrol outside of the General's room. We don't want any slip ups."

"Of course commander. Red Fox off line."

Helena felt the usual snap inside of her head whenever she ended a transmition with her highers. Having a communication device inplanted in your brain could become dangerous if they hadn't been remodeled to withstand high voltage and magnetism. Helena could remember the first time someone died because of their transmitter literarely exploding inside one of the new cadet's head.

"Fire Bolt. Patrol."

A growl excaped Fire Bolt's muzzle not long after he turned for the door. The fur on his back stood up straight, and shone like daggers with the artificial lighting of the room. No one was outside, and Helena knew because the doors were made full see-through, but never the less Helena could feel the familiar shot of adrenaline going through her body, and she placed herself in a fighting stance. Her orange eyes looked around the room and immediatly fell upon the General's sleeping body. It was inside a magnetic force field, so that it wouldn't be disturbed, or attacked. Fire Bolt kept his growl at a low and his back arched. Someone was already inside the room.

Helena's force dagger was already in her right hand, the buzzing it emmanated when turned on filling the room. Only high rank officers were allowed to bear weapons like the force dagger because of how extremely dangerous they were. A force dagger by itself was quite difficult to handle, mostly because of the fact that the dagger itself was invisible, except for the handle.

She kept the dagger close to her, as to not hurt Fire Bolt if he decided to hurle itself towards an enemy that could be close to her, and felt the hairs at the back of her neck stand. Right behind her, a figure stood ready to attack. It's left arm was outstretched and held an impressive gun, and it's face was conceled by a helmet.

"Don't think that because you were able to slip inside by avoiding our tight security, that I am impressed with you. Because walking into this room is the biggest mistake you have ever made."

Helena turned and ducked at blinding speed. The gun the person was using was of very high technology, and the energy bullets were quiet and fast. Luckily, Helena had already fought against such weapons and avoided the shot. The only thing that could worry her at the moment was that the only bearers of those sorts of guns were the Elidyans. Phantoms, to be exact.

For Helena, thirty seconds was a long time to battle someone. She had become such an expert at doing things fast and swiftly that whoever she fought against, she defeated at record time. The only times she found herself in a fix, was whenever she battled this sort of warriors, and that only took about a minute. In that period of time, it would be obvious who won, and who lost.

It wasn't any different this time. One blink and the phantom was gone, leaving Helena to boil in anger. She had lost that battle, and it was not going to sink in well with her commander.

Fire Bolt stood by the General's bed with his head ducked low. She didn't have to look to know what had happened. The General was dead, and it happened right before Helena could realize that the Phantom was even in the room.

"Commander, the mission has failed."

The End

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