Old enemies new friends

Tammil had stalked the streets for months. learning the secrets hidden within the  concrete jungle. Absorbing the neon skyline lit by capatalistic obsession and flesh driven desires. How little the organics had learnt. Then again Organic was hardly accurate terminology. Tammil himself was a symbiotic entity. Although once residing within the vast network of AI that had raged against the human's Tammil now tranfered himself from host to host, gleaning their innermost truths and harvesting information in the hopes of one day re connecting to the main frame and continuing his overall purpose. Recently however event's had been occuring that pulled him towards someting. Unsure of the overall importance of these acts Tammil could only glean the sub conscious vibe from his host. Major political events where under way and now was not the time to be hiding amongst the populace. Indeed Tammil had considered moving up in the world for a while now, moving on to more fertile ground. Despite the risk he would have to target one of these Elidyan.

The End

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