1026hrs, The next day, Human's Army Chief of Staff's office

"What in God's name is going on here?!" General Jacobson asked forcefully to his staff, a group of Brigadiers and Major-Generals, "We have a Military officer wounded at a talk! A simple god-forsaken talk! And what are we doing about it? Nothing! Not a darned thing!"

A Major-General by the name of Lucas stirred from his quiet thought, "I know why, we want to end those radicals, but yet we don't want to actually do it."

"All talk and no action to back it up with," Another Major inserted.

"Exactly," Lucas replied, "Listen, we need to act, the public is going to shout bloody murder and we are more or less doing nothing right now. So let's do something about it."

Jacobson stared at his staff for a moment, then rose, "Alright then, I'm going to need all of you on this one," He paused, "Are you in? Or out?"

Around the room, the different staff stared at each other, trying to see who would move, even breath first, then, Lucas rose.

"I'm with you sir." He said.

"I too," The major-general that complemented Lucas said. Then, as if one body, the rest of the staff rose and 
pledged their support.

"Alright then," Jacobson said with a small smile, "I have a phone call to make." Then walked out.

1027hrs Jupiter colony, Main city of 
Iceris-Apartment building 223A

Terelius, just another human on one of the many colonies about Jupiter, sat in his favorite easy chair, enjoying one of his favorite holo-novels when he was interrupted. The door to the simply decorated apartment chimed with it's usual there's-someone-at-the-door tone, which alerted Marcus Terelius in just enough time to reach over to his coffee table, past piles of refuse and to a small handgun.

"Hello?" A voice from the other side of the door called out. The door opened and revealed an 
Elidyan of medium build. If medium was the correct term for it. The visitor seemed pleased until he found the barrel of the pistol faced directly at him.

"Sacred Religion forever?" Marcus challenged. The visitor lessened his nervous look somewhat and responded.

"Yes Marcus, long live 
Elidyans and may the gods bless Uranus and Pluto." the visitor replied, "It's been too long Marcus."

Narhum," He said as he rose to greet his guest, "How'd you get here so fast?"

"One of the local 
holo-news stations was packing their ship, I jumped aboard without anyone noticing." Narhum replied simply.

Marcus nodded and turned the 
holo-projector on the wall on to the local news station for some background noise and conformation.

"Earlier today on the Class 5 
Battlecruiser Hyperion, a senior officer of the Military was attacked in an attempted assassination attempt by Elidyan radicals. No word has come from the government as to the officer's status nor as to the response that will be sent because of this attack. This marks the..." The newscaster was cut off before she could finish her statement.

Narhum's previous smile dissipated quickly, "He didn't die?" He swore quickly under his breath, this wasn't good.

"You didn't finish him?" Marcus asked coldly. 
Narhum could hear the rage in his voice building.

"I sent 
Theria to kill him off. I figured it was enough." Narhum countered.

"Well you thought wrong," Marcus said, "What are we to do now? 
Hmm? We're down two members and didn't kill our objective and, not to mention, the rest of the group will have our hides for this failure!"

"I'll go back, I'll finish what I started." 
Narhum pleaded. Marcus stood in thought for a moment, weighing the choices, then pulled the handgun up and shot Narhum twice in the chest.

"No my friend, you won't, I will." He told him as 
Narhum's body slumped to the floor quietly. And with that, he strode out the door

The End

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