Final Breath

Two guards stood sentry in front of an otherwise unremarkable door. A door which was the only way into the back of a high class hotel, where there weren't so many cameras and witnesses. A door that faced the street, a few shrubs for decoration dotted the low, well tended to grass.

The guards watched the road with unblinking eyes, even though there were no signs of a threat, nor did they think there would be one. The guards blue-tinted skin and pointed ears gave away the fact they were Elidyan even from afar. Not to mention on a night as dark as this one, the lights reflected off their feline-like eyes.

However, through all their vigilance, they failed to pay much attention to a homeless man in a dirty and torn trench coat walking on the other side of the road.

It's surprising. the man thought. A senator of Nuer's standards usually has a miniature army at their disposal. Unless, since he is trying to get those peace talks pushed through, he decided bringing in fifty-plus men may be a bad first impression?

He feigned a cough so he could raise his hand to his chest without suspicion, reaching inside his coat. Out of the corner of his eye he could see both the guards turn toward him, then relax again as soon as they thought he was no threat.

It took all of a second to reach in, grab the handle of his silenced pistol, turn the safety off, and fire two shots at the guards. They both stayed still for a moment, before slowly slumping down to the ground.

He shed his coat, revealing an expensive looking suit. He took a second to smooth everything out, then dropped his various guns and other metal equipment just outside the door. No doubt, after all, there would at least be a metal detector.

He'd formed a decent pile of items he couldn't bring in before he plastered on a fake smile. He opened the back door for a fraction of a second, just long enough for him to slip inside.

There were stairs going up for several dozen stories, but if his information was right, his target was on the third floor. He didn't run, he didn't take two at a time. He was supposed to look like he was at a formal party, and so no matter how much he simply wanted this over with, he had to go slow and calm.

Pushing the door open as silently as he could, he found he was starring in to a room with at least 100 guests and a podium. There were large entrance doors to his right, being the intended entrance to the room. The podium stood to his left, where Senator Nuer stood addressing the other guests.

Slipping into the crowd of others at about the middle, he took a quick look around. There was an even mix of Elidyan, human, and half-humans all around, allowing him to fit in seamlessly. There were several guards around the Senator, though they seemed to be keeping an eye on the very front of the crowd.

There were three possible escape routes, the worst probably being the main entrance door as that's where the crowd was likely to flee. Then there was the door on his left he had come in from that led to the stairs. Unfortunately with these stairs, you could see from the top to the bottom and he could be identified. The third option was a door identical to the one he had come in from on his right, however that probably led further into the building. Not a good idea.

So, option two it is.

He raised his hand like he was going to wave to the Senator, then flexed his wrist backwards. In doing this, a thin thread around his wrist snapped. And then, everything happen all at once.

The tension held by the thread released, a trigger flipped forward. A tiny dart was shot completely silent from the miniature crossbow-like device on the bottom of his wrist, hidden in his sleeve.

The Senator's eyes bulged as the dart hit and the poison surged through his veins.

And yet the man stood there, this action only taking as much time as it takes you to blink your eye. He mimicked the crowds behavior perfectly. Then his opportunity to leave came.

All the guards turned to catch the Senator as his legs gave out; all of them trying to figure out what was wrong. And just as quiet and calm as ever, the man, the assassin, the mercenary known only as Orpheus was shutting the door behind him, as his newest victim drew their final breath.

The End

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