Red Team

Lt Marshal Wicks swirled the whiskey in his glass. It was some fancy vintage from 2969. He emptied his glass and reached for the bottle when a reporter wearing too much make up appeared on the tv screen above the bar.

"We have just recieved word that General Arcurtus Duval has been assasinated by Elidyan religious-"

"Serves that bastard right!" screamed the drunk next to him at the bar.

"Sit down, and take that back." said Wicks before draining his glass again.

"Or what?" grunted his buddy as he flicked out a knife.

Wicks bearly glanced at the knife before taking the empty bottle and smashing it across the mans face. He turned to the first drunk and caught his fist. The drunks eyes widened as Wicks back handed him hard enough to break his jaw. A third man began to stand up until the Lt. fixed his stare on him.

"What's your problem?"

"Both these men have committed acts of treason." without another word he unholstered his side arm and shot them both.

Wicks turned to the bartender and paid for his drink. He left the bar not even glancing down as he stepped over the bodies.

He pushed his earpiece into place.

"I'm already on my way. Contact the rest of the team."

Marshal replaced the earpiece in his pocket and walked over to his car. The door unlocked and his thumb touched the handle.

"Welcome back Sir."

He ignored the cars A.I. and pressed the ignition.

The End

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