3009: The Elidyan Chronicles

In the year 3009, the Solar System is being ravaged by war. Our old friends, the Elidyans, are accused of worshiping Satan, and before long, ties were severed, and the war began. But, is there something else going that the seeder side of the human government would rather we didn't know?

Inside "The Hyperion" Class 5 Battlecruiser

2009. A comet is discovered orbiting earth that contains cells that are key to the building block of life. Scientists speculate life may be out there in space.

2109. An orbiting satellite launched from space station Alpha Centauri laying at the edge of the Milky Way space station discovers a large vessel. No doubt a sign of extraterrestrial life. However it is light years away, not something to expect for another 5 of our life times.

2697. The large alien vessel spotted almost 600 years ago has entered our galaxy, landing at Alpha Centauri.

2700. The new year is interrupted by a large, alien vessel landing near the White House. Tialuk Tassader, an alien envoy from the planet of Ellyria, in the Tungsten Galaxy marks the dawn of a great alliance between the Elidyans, our alien brothers from space.

2796. Humanity has advanced beyond our own comprehension, thanks to the Elidyans. Technology ranging from deadly firearms to Advanced AI to even age reversing has been made available.

2798. The surface of Mars is colonized, and floating cities are established in Jupiters upper atmosphere.

2800. The first battle between humanity and Rogue kill bots that had been gifted with too much AI. This also marks the first time that Elidyan and human forces had ever fought side-by-side. The Galactic Exploration Program is created, and discussion begins of biologically enhanced super soldiers .

2830. War against the rouge machines has been quelled. The robots have been long deactivated. The B.E.S.S. program has long since been postponed.

2954. Somehow the robots re-activate, and thus another war begins. Mercury and Saturn are colonized. The B.E.S.S. program is initiated, tests are performed on animals first.

"Damnit boss, we gotta watch for much longer?" a blonde haired youth questioned his older, more weathered looking companion.

General Arcurtus Duval chuckled at his young protege Jason Crawford. He ran his hand through his short gray hair before turning his attention back to the boy. "Patience Lieutenant, this annual lesson delving deep into the history of man and Elidyan alike is very informative."

Jason rolled his eyes and exhaled before turning his attention back to the large screen in front of him. The Capitalist of Man and Loyal Elydians ran this history lesson every year on different planets, hoping to educate young minds such as him and refresh old ones such as Arcurtus. However right now all it was doing was putting him to sleep.

3000. After almost 50 years of war it is all over. The robots have been destroyed, the Advanced AI being destroyed along with it. The B.E.S.S. program is halted but not after producing many powerful animal fighters.

3001. Human and Elidyans face a bump in their alliance. One group of Elidyans claim they were harassed for practicing their home religion. The group of humans claim they worshiped the devil. The B.E.S.S. program begins to experiment on humans.

3005. A small yet bloody battle breaks out in Washington, a large group of human supremacists kill many Elidyans near the southern districts. The Elidyans there responded in a likewise manner, slaughtering the entire gang and leveling the eastern district. Relations with the Elidyans began to dissolve.

3006. Most Elidyans have undergone a mass migration, some leaving for different planets in the solar system, others taking the chance to travel back to the galaxy from which their ancestors originated from. The population on earth contains less than 19% of pure Elidyans.

Jason began to look around the room, hoping to find some excuse to leave. Numerous humans surrounded the room in the gray military uniform of the Capitalist army. Most were human looking enough while others had pointed ears, feline like eyes and even bluish skin. These were the half bloods, the half Elidyans. Jason looked back and forth when he caught a young woman staring at him. Her bluish face went red as she quickly turned away, facing the screen in front. Jason blinked and turned back the the endless rant of the screen.

3007. Elidyan extremists activate numerous hidden kill bots, sending them on a rampage inside the G.E.P. station. The killers are destroyed, the Elidyans prosecuted. Numerous chunks of abnormally large space rocks capable of sustaining life are found near the inner and outer rings. These large "space cottages" become all the rage for ones seeking to "escape it all".

Jason snickered earning him the piercing stares of a number of high ranked officers and a whack in the back of the head by Arcurtus. He let out a quick "ouch", starting to notice that the Elidyan girl had been staring at him the whole time. He gave her a weak smile, earning him a smile and a wave .

"Damn it kid, sit up!" Arcurtus snapped. Jason nodded and quickly straightened his posture, turning back to the video screen.

3008. Most "pure" Elidyans have denounced humans as primitive vermin. They have started their own sect, worshiping their own gods and following their own customs. Most have long since moved to either Uranus or Pluto.

Suddenly the screen went black. Arcurtus sat up and began to walk towards the front of the stage. He stood in front of his fellow officers and addressed all of them, in a voice like thunder "My fellow humans, half humans and loyal Elidyans. For long we have tried to uphold peace between our two now three races. However many Elidyans have declared war by continuing their cursed religious propaganda and guerrilla warfare. Well no more! I propose that now is the time we launch our attack, now is the time that the Elidyans finally realize humans are not the primitive creatures they once were!"

A large cheer of approval rang out from the audience, many of the military officers standing to their feet in a standing ovation of approval. Jason himself rose and clapped like a madman for the man he called a father. A man who had taken care of him when he was orphaned. A man who had shaped him into the brilliant young lieutenant he was now.

"Atta boy Duval!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. Arcurtus bowed humbly and raised his thumbs up at Jason. He turned back to his audience when one of the guards whipped around and yelled, "Death to the righteous humans!" The man unloaded his gun onto Arcurtus. But 79 years of military know how saved his life as he dropped to the ground, whipped out his pistol and fired two shots at the gunman. The assassin yelped before hitting the ground, blood seeping from his mouth.

"Arcurtus!" Jason yelled. He tried to make his way past the mob of shocked personnel when he glimpsed a vague shape moving closer and closer to the slowly rising Arcurtus. Jason yelled in horror as the figure lifted her arm, and punctured his neck with the pulse of a laser blade. A Phantom! Jason thought. The Elidyans were attacking!

The End

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