Stepping through the double doors that led from the underground car park, the first thing I noticed was the silence.  It is true that the hour was a little ungodly, normally when every member of the research team was in the lab at once, the noise level approached mild hubbub.  Tonight however, waiting for the other mission team to arrive, they sat around in almost silence.

            The double doors opened again, this time it was Gallagher and his wife who walked through them.  She carried their sleeping daughter on her hip.  He glanced around the room before silently taking a seat on one of the sofas strewn about.  She sat beside him, the child still sleeping she nestled between them.

            Gallagher, his wife and I made up three quarters of the project founders.  Our fourth member, I could see and sense from the atmosphere in the room, had yet to arrive.

            In a group comprising some of the greatest minds the industry had ever seen; Gallagher was considered the genius of the group.  He was also the most eccentric member of the team and in spite of his genius often relied on the somewhat steadier natures of his primary team to keep him grounded.  Without Taylor’s initial hypothesis and research, there would be no project; nor would there continue to be, without the continued support of this very team.  For whatever reasons, these four worked well together and tonight it looked like all those years of privately funded research were about to come to fruition.

            Twenty minutes after the last member of the team had arrived at the lab, Taylor finally turned up.  He swept in to the lab as though he had just been behind everyone and I guessed that he had been watching for the arrivals from the security booth down the hall.  It was just like him, tonight of all nights, we could forgive him his eccentricities.

            The cheer the rest of us threw up when he entered the room was the product of hours of pent up excitement.  We were in for a long night, now Taylor had arrived, we could finally get this thing started.



The End

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