Cruddock arrived back in the dining room to find the doctor waiting at a table near to the bar.  An untouched drink by her hand; the good doctor appeared to have been observing their visitor before Cruddock had arrived.

            “How does she seem?” he asked as he seated himself across from the doctor, allowing himself an unblocked view of their new passenger.

            “Remarkably calm, all things considered.  I think she may have quite a few questions for you when you tell her where she is and why.”  The understatement was not lost on Cruddock.

            “She hasn’t noticed the screens yet by any chance?”  Cruddock always chewed on his lower lip when he was nervous, he did so now, clearly anxious about the impending conversation.

            “If she has, she certainly hasn’t reacted as if she understands.”  The doctor sighed and moved her drink, still untouched to one side.  Knowing Cruddock as she did, the doctor already knew that she would have to be the one who explained things to the girl, he may have drawn the short straw but tact just was not his department.  That was always her job; it was certainly the primary reason she had been included on this hare-brained mission.

            He had come up with the plan to hijack the ship and virtually kidnap the girl before the others got to her.  He had avoided the word when talking through his plans, but there was no way of getting round the facts of the matter.  So while he was fine when it came to the action and adrenaline, for this plan to work he needed brains as well as brawn, it had been the same since they had first met.  It was what the doctor had signed up for; that and of course this was the perfect opportunity to test the new computer she had been working on in the lab. 

The sense of adventure involved in this latest hare-brained, doomed to failure mission was just a bonus.  She might not like to admit it, but they had always had that in common; the thing to remember was that adventures, genuine adventures, just did not happen along every day.

The End

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