The hand was still reaching up, now fingers hooked cloth, and at last, the hood was falling back.  Falling back to reveal the face of something I could not even have imagined.

            With something like horror, I realised that the balding, wrinkly-skinned creature in front of me was actually doing a good impression of a human being.

            I chose this moment to let out a strangled noise, half laugh half scream, before promptly keeling over in a faint again.

            The next time I came to, I was alone in a different room.  This one was a little less harshly decorated than the other one.

            It was still predominantly grey, but it had a proper bed in it instead of a couch.  There were plants that looked exactly like ferns, in pots around the room.

There was on the far side of the room, a bench protruding from the wall, presumably to be used as a desk or dresser.  There was a shelf running the length of the bench.  On it were some books, I was just debating going to see what language they were in, when a recessed door in the wall to my right swished open like something out of Star Trek.

A now familiar robed figure entered the room.  Hood thrown back this time, the face that greeted me was the one that had caused me such a shock to discover that it was in fact just one face, on one head and not two.

I was concluding that what I was looking at was either human, or possibly, only an evil alien that was controlling my mind to make me think it looked human.  When it spoke again, I wondered what kind of alien would assume such a precise British accent, and decided that it probably was human.

“I hope you are rested now.  I did not wish to startle you earlier, for that, I apologise.  As Captain, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you onboard, and wish you a pleasant journey.  I will see that someone shows you around, you must be quite hungry by now.”

I could not help but admit that I was in fact quite hungry, but I was also quick to notice the words ‘captain’, ‘onboard’ and ‘journey’.

Was I on a ship?  This place had looked too big to be an aeroplane, maybe it was a big cruise liner or a private yacht.  Why was I here though and more importantly, where was I going?

Before I had chance to ask all these questions though, the Captain had turned to leave the room.  After the doors had swished shut behind him again, I had a few seconds alone before the doors opened once more.

This time it was a much younger looking male that stood in the doorway.  He stepped aside and indicated that I was to follow him along the corridor.

I did so, wondering just how I was ever going to finish my essay on time now.




I followed my guide through seemingly endless identical corridors.  Finally, we arrived in front of yet another doorway.  As the double doors slid aside, I found myself being led into an impressively large, softly lit room.

            Tables were dotted around the room, with what looked to be a bar sweeping a wide arc along one wall.

            Some of the tables were occupied by people; a quick scan confirmed that they too only had one head apiece.  Others sat along the bar, being served with colourful beverages in tall glasses.  Spotting an umbrella or two, I figured this must be happy hour.

            My guide led me to an unoccupied table near the wall, motioning for me to be seated.  I was just about to comment on his lack of conversation when he turned and walked over to the bar, where he spoke with the bar tender briefly before leaving the room via the double doors we had entered.

            Left on my own, I studied the occupants of the tables nearest to me.  Men and women of various ages sat around, none of them were looking at me.  I wondered again just were I was, I had learnt nothing from my guide before he left me on my own.       

            I was about to go and chat to the bar tender, or waiter, whatever he was, when I spotted he was already headed in my direction, carrying a large tray.  I’d forgotten the Captain’s offer of food, my stomach was rumbling in anticipation as I wondered exactly how long ago it was that I had gone to my larder for a slice of cake.

The End

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