30 Seconds of Glamour

30 Seconds of Glamour


I stand on the West side of the bridge facing East. It has been two weeks since I’ve seen his face or heard his voice. I miss him so much. I miss his soft touch, his warm hands especially in this cold, winter weather. I hope he knows that I am here waiting for him. I have come here to assure him that I am going to leave the past behind me. There is too much hurt, I don’t want to carry it into my future.

If he meets me here today I have to be able to trust him. If he takes that step and puts forth the effort to come all this way then I will know for sure that he cares. I will be reassured that he wants the past behind him and he wants to move on with the future with me.

With only minutes to the hour my heart begins to race as the tension tightens. I am worried that he isn’t going to come. His list not to come is far greater than my list. Maybe this will be how it all ends. This is how I will know that I will never feel his embrace again. Literally I will stand here alone, waiting for no one because no one is coming for me.

As the sun begins to rise on the six o’clock hour I see someone in the distance. It is him. He has come. He is holding a single calla lily, my favourite. When he sees me waiting for him he picks up his pace and begins to run to me. Simply he speaks, “I want to be able to kiss you whenever I am near, for all of my life.” A smile spreads from eye to eye across my face. “With love comes trust, and respect. I love you now and promise to continue grow more deeply in love with you. In this moment I promise to never criticize, always support you, and to travel with you through life.” In an instant I took his face in my hands and pulled him close to me. I brought his head down close to mine. I reached my face up to meet his. Our lips met for a passionate kiss full of emotions I could feel running all through my body. He pulled away for a brief moment to say, “I Love you, and promise I will always Love you.” I think that is the best promise anyone can ever make. Within thirty seconds my life has changed so dramatically. I am just so happy it was for the better.

The End

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