I stared at him. There was no way this was happening. It had been too long... hadn't it? I heard a few tiny clicks as a breeze blew by, ruffling my hair and making the beads clack together. Utter silence stood between us. I couldn't help but continually glance between the hand on my shoulder and its owner. HIM... Vash. My heart slowed to the point I could no longer feel it, and all I could hear was the sounds from the memory... The wretched memory, the source of our hatred for eachother...

I waited a few more seconds, getting my emotions under control before addressing HIM. "What?" I asked, stonily, glaring slightly. 'Goddess it's so hard to stay mad!' I thought frantically to myself, trying to keep up the cold, uncaring facade. I stared at him, taking in the sharp features, the dark, unruly hair. His eyes... they took my breath away... what little I had left.  I kept flashing back to those times when we were little, back when we were best friends. My throat tightened and I shut my eyes tight, lowering my head slightly. My cheek brushed HIS hand resting on my shoulder and my eyes flew open. I looked at him, fearful and yet... hoping he didn't mind. HE was oddly quiet, having not answered my question yet. It bothered me.

"Vash..." I said quietly, raising my head off his hand and staring him straight in the eye. He seemed to come back to reality and gave a start. "Wha-?" I cut him off. "I think it's about time we let the past be the past and move on. We can't stay mad forever."

The End

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