The bell rang and I lept up, eager to be out of this room, with it's strange and impossible note. I watched as HE walked away and couldn't help the whisper that escaped my lips, "Vash." I tucked my tablet into my bag and swung it up onto my shoulders, heedless of the weight, while constantly accompanied by the click and swish of the strand of beads in my hair. I gave a little "umph" as it swung home and settled on my shoulders. I hurried between the desks and towards the door, trying not to follow too closely on the heels of HIM, and staying far enough away that, through the rush of kids headed for the door, I would not accidentally get pushed into HIM. 'Goddess don't let them knock me into him. I don't need that kind of drama right now!' I thought feverishly, pushing through the door and out into the hallway just in time to see some dude grab HIM by the back of his collar.

Shocked, I stood still, just outside the doorway of the classroom as HE rounded on his 'attacker' and glared icily at the kid. "What do you want?" he snarled at said kid and drew himself up to his full height. I gave him a once over and realizing I had, tinged pink again. HE had really grown up a lot since 2nd grade. A circle of people was forming around the two, and I almost couldn't see either of them any more. I pushed my way into the ring and stood, watching. From what I could hear over the chanting of "Fight! Fight! Fight!" coming from the ring of kids, I came to understand that apparently HE had stolen the dude's girlfriend. They were exchanging heated words in the middle of the circle of kids and suddenly, the newcomer drew back and swung at HIM. I watched as HE easily dodged the blow, grabbing the dude's arm and bringing it up behind the kid, forcing him to his knees. Just like that, in one swift, simple motion, HE had brought the kid to his knees. The crowd of kids was silent. All through this, I could do nothing but stand there, awed.

HE let the kid up and moved back, the crowd dispersing. I hung around still, inexplicably drawn to HIM and what I had just witnessed. HE glanced my way, finally noticing that I was still standing there. He seemed shocked by my presence and confused as well. I paled under his gaze and quickly made my departure, hurrying past the two with my head down, headed for the front of the building. I heard quiet footsteps behind me, and knew almost instantly that they were HIS. I frowned slightly. 'Is he following me?' Still thinking about different ways to escape, I arrived at the double-doors that were the entrance to the school. I pushed one of the heavy doors open and slipped through the opening, welcoming the rush of warm, humid air. My beads clicked, loud in the quiet afternoon, as I swung my head from left to right, scanning the lot for my car. 'Damn if I wouldn't forget where I parked.'  As I went to step away from the double-doors and out into the open, I felt the slightest of pressures on my shoulder, and froze.

The End

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