30 Minutes ~ A Tale Of Detention

30 minutes ~ It's a rotating 1st person viewpoint from Vash to Ixia Marie; a girl serving her first detention - 30 minutes - stuck in the same room as her worst enemy. They figure out what went wrong during their childhood friendship that made them hate each other and end up tentative friends again........ Only thing is Ixia never really hated Vash.... she loves him and always has......


Sighing, I shook my head and pushed the door open, hearing the strand of beads in my hair click and feeling a wave of cold air rush over me. I was terrified, even if I didn’t look it. Mr. T nodded at me and pointed out a desk. As I casually strolled across the room, my eyes scanned the faces of the other students. Right as I was about to reach my seat, I stopped dead, staring. And I was staring into the face of my worst enemy since 2nd grade. I felt a chill go down my spine as everything went completely silent and he -- his name was Vash -- looked up and met my gaze. I stood there, frozen, for what seemed an eternity but was only a few seconds. The HE smirked and I broke from my revere and hurried the last few feet to my seat and sat there, staring at the front of the room, awaiting Mr. T’s orders. And he gave them, not two seconds after I sat down. He said, addressing me personally:

    “Glad you could join us, Ixia. Normally I would skip the normal rules and regulations speech,” he turned from me and addressed the rest of the students, “as the rest of you already have them memorized I presume?” he asked cynically and they all nodded. “I will give the speech on your behalf, as it is your first time here.” he finished, smiling widely as his booming voice faded away. I sighed and buried my head in my arms as Mr. T spent the next three minutes rambling on about not talking and no contact what-so-ever and how this was a punishment for a crime committed and how ‘if you can’t do the crime, don’t do the time’ applied. I was already half asleep when Mr. T’s voice rang out once more.
    “Alright, Ixia?” Mr. T was watching me intently I realized as I started and sat up.

    "Yes, Mr.T." I said primly, staring dead into his eyes, unnerving him and causing him to look away. My violet eyes tended to have that effect. I heard a faint snicker from the back of the room and knew it was HIM. HE was laughing at my foolishness. I tinged pink and felt like hiding, but there was nowhere to hide. Resignedly, I opened my book bag and, feeling the soft texture of the material, calmed slightly. 'Work is what I need.' I pulled out my sketchbook and started on a drawing, quickly sketching in the framework for a person. I had not been drawing for five minutes when I realized the person in my drawing was HIM, and then a small piece of paper landed perfectly in the middle of the page, having flown overhead. I stared, unable to move. 'HE did not just do what I think he did...... did he?' I picked up the piece of paper and carefully unfolded the small scrap. Inside it read: "What the hell are YOU doing here?" Angered, I scribbled back: "I DON'T KNOW! I was late for class by like 5 seconds and got detention." I looked around, and spotting Mr.T, watched for a chance to throw it back. It came a moment later when he turned to load more paper into the printer that was beeping angrily at him. I smiled to myself and turned and tossed it back in HIS direction. I then turned and faced front again, secretly pleased with my audacity.

     I could hear HIM unfold the piece of paper and grunt a moment later when he had read my words. The chill of the room seemed to deepen as his displeasure grew. I shivered in spite of myself and tried to go back to work drawing.  It angered me that I was drawing HIM. It seemed I never could quite keep him from my mind. Whatever the reason, it bugged me immensely.  Sighing, I filled in a few details about the room on the page. I was just about to start working on his facial features, when, just as before, a small white piece of paper landed on my drawing tablet. I was shocked. HE was actually corresponding with ME! I felt slightly faint. We hadn't talked since about second grade when the accident happened. I picked up the paper, remembering old times and unfolded it. I read over the content in one quick glance. I stopped and did a double take, completely in the present now. My beads clicked softly next to my ear as I turned and looked at HIM. I stared for a moment, trying to comprehend the words on that little scrap of paper. I turned back around and stared at those two words in awe. "I'm Sorry."

The End

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