29 Stories

With the AC at full blast, the beads of sweat on the elderly man's forehead fought with all their might to evade evaporation. Fused to the pleather couch was a frail and pitiful sample of a human being. The ceiling fan struggled to create a draft that would appease the old man. The humidity wrapped around him tightly, restricting his breathing. His only view of the outside world, 29 stories up, was a dusty window that overlooked the sprawling metropolis of Overton Heights.

Corbin Hanes had been left behind by the world. Resigned to a moldy, rat-infested institution for "non-contributors", as penned by the media, he couldn't help but ponder on days of old when the elderly were taken care of and respected for their contributions to the world. Glittering glass skyscrapers stared him in the face and seemed to mock the bygone product of a bygone era.

As he was reminiscing of fond memories of his former self, a glint of light caught his eye. Landing on the windowsill was a most curious flying contraption, not much bigger than that of a common dragonfly. Metallic wings and appendages seemed to reflect a shell that was impervious to the elements, LED lights pulsed where eyes should have been, microscopic lasers scanned the windowsill for life. Turning in the direction of Gerald, it stood motionless, except for the hypnotic pulsing of its eyes. It seemed to recognize him, and conversely, Gerald seemed to recognize the contraption as well. As much as Gerald loathed his current living arrangements, he had taken for granted the refuge and safe haven that the institution had become. 

The End

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