She was covered in blood, a gigantic hole in her chest.

The sight of it chilled Terri.  For a moment, motor function just ceased.

She didn't know how long she'd stood there, mouth agape, as she stared at her--dead--reflection. Then, little details started filtering through.   The woman in the mirror was naked.  Terri glanced down and could clearly see the white silk of her shirt and the jade pendant Vivian had given her for her birthday.

She raised her hand to the jade pendant.  The woman in the mirror raised her blood-encrusted hand to the small of her neck.

"What..."  Terri shook her head--the unreality of the situation settling about her.

The woman in the mirror mouthed the same word, "Wha...?"

"What do you want?"  Terri asked.  The reflection mouthed the same words without sound.  Somewhere, Terri could clearly hear the child cry anew.

Terri became aware of other details.  The room behind the bloody-woman was not quite the same.  The bed the mirror-woman stood in front of was unkempt.  There was blood, yes, but also a yellowish indent in one of the pillows.  There were things visible underneath he reflection-bed that weren't visible under Terri's.  Terri's bed, after all, was made.  The curtains were drawn, while Terri's were pulled back.  The bric-a-brac on the dresser before her was even different.

Terri looked back at the reflection, and dropped her hands.  There was some connection between the woman and the baby crying.  If only she could figure out what it was...  Then Terri realized that the reflection had not dropped her hand from the small of her neck.

Terri was still uncertain, still fearful, but an awesome curiosity overwhelmed her.   She leaned forward, instinctively reaching up to touch Viviane's jade necklace again.  The reflection leaned forward, until they were almost touching, once again mirroring each others posture and expression.  The gruesome details of the hole in the reflections' chest was too much for Terri and she looked away--anywhere but at the remains of what could be her own death.

She looked up as her forehead touched the glass of the mirror.  The coolness of the glass that separated them lent her a perverse strength and Terri opened her eyes to stare into the reflections'.  The reflections' pupils was enormous, unchanging.  Suddenly, Terri was certain that the woman had died with the pupils dilated--but whether from low-light or drugs, she didn't know.

Terri glanced down to find the reflection's other hand resting on the reflection of her jewelry box, as her own did.  But where hers was made of smooth-planed cedar, the reflection was an ornately carved dark wood...

The End

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