Terri hears a knock at the door and answers it.

Walking slowly towards the door, a cold icy dread trickled through Terri's veins.  Slowly she eased the door open, already convinced the murderer stood beyond it.

Instead, the doorway was empty and Terri stepped out to look down the corridor, to see if someone was watching.  She had the eeries feeling that they were, but there was noone in sight.

She felt something at her feet and her eyes cast down upon a wreath of white.

Slowly she picked it up and noticed that the name on the card was her own.  "in loving memory of Terri,"

Suddenly Terri didnt want to be outside her door, didnt want to be so vulnerable for whoever was watching.   She backed inside the apartment and closed then locked the door in front of her.

As she slid the security lock on, Terri heard the living room door.

Suddenly angry, she rushed into the living room, a growl tearing from her throat in hope of scaring the perpetrator.  But as she burst through the door, the room was empty.  There was no where to hide and Terri knew that the room was empty, but she also knew what she had heard.

Anger subsided to fear and Terri felt herself drawn back towards the sofa and tv, but what she saw this time caught her breath in her throat.

Instead of the woman she had seen sprawled about her bed, the 28th picture now contained the image of a young child apparently crying, yet the background, her bedroom, remained the same.

The End

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