Terri rushes to her bedroom to see if anything has happened in her apartment.

Terri rushes into her apartment bedroom with the sick perversion in her head that she hopes the corpse of the girl will be there because so far its been a lame friday night.

She slowly turns the cold brass knob of the door handle, her heart pumping like she ingested every drug on the planet.  The door opens and she see's the body of the dead girl covered in blood sprawled across her bed.  She look's at the girl in spite, looking at how easily someone had taken her life, had ended it so easily, and here Terri was hating her job, hating her life, hating her friends making their stupid goddamn silly faces at the birthday party,  'Goddamnit why couldnt that dead girl be me?' Terri wonderd.  She wonders if this dead phantom girl that appeared in her apartment is a working girl judging by the beautiful curves of her body that Terri is looking at that havent been sliced so nice by whatever dark butcher that diced her in the first place.  Terri decides....

The End

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