Go to Her Bedroom.

Shaking, Terri stepped into her bedroom.  The curtains were wide open, as usual--the face of the apartment buildings across the street a panoply of twinkling lights--but not enough light for her to see by.   With a quivering breath, Terri flicked on the light-switch.

There was nothing there.  No body; no blood.

Terri took the three steps to her bed, her fists closing in righteous anger.  What kind of game was this? 

Cautiously, not certain whether she wanted to prove herself wrong or prove the picture right, Terri reached down and peered under the bed.  Nothing there except the new shoes she'd bought the previous day, and the box it had come in.  She checked the closet, scanned the surface of the dresser, to no avail.

Cursing, Terri stepped into the main room to call up the image again.  If this was a game, there must have been some point to it, some reason behind it...  The creepy guy at the photo-developers place must have put it on the DVD... but why go through such effort?

The End

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