28 Exposures

It was Monday and time to get off work. Terri had been working hard all day and her feet hurt. She hated her job working as a bank teller. The people where usually rude and standing on her feet for 8 hours just wasn't what she wanted to do with her life. It was two minutes to 5 o'clock. So Terri pulled out a lil piece of paper and started making a list.



My film





Terri planned to leave work at 5 on the dot so she could run over to the drug store and pick up a few items. 5 o'clock hit and she grabbed her coat and purse and hit it to the door.

The drug store was right across the street. She sliped through the doors and took a shopping basket. She grabbed the items from her list and then went over to the film counter. She pulled from her purse her reference number for her film and handed it to the store clerk. He soon came back with her film, which she had put on a DVD. Terri had yet to enter the digital age and still didn't have a digital camera. She would just buy those little disposible cameras and have them developed and put on a DVD.

Terri paid for her items and headed home. She wanted to see her film cause it was pictures of her and her girlsfriend at Terri's birthday party. She booted up her computer while she put the items from the drug store away. She opened the DVD and instered it into her computer. A folder popped up with her photos. She opened the folder and started going through each photo one by one. She starts laughing at the pictures of her girlfriends acting silly at the party.

Terri notices something slightly odd. The DVD says 28 photos but usually the cameras only have 27 exposures. She starts scolling through the photos. She's looked at all 27 and then pushes forward to the 28th photo. She screams in horror has she see a woman lying naked on a bed covered in blood. She doesn't recongise the woman but she recongises the bed. The woman in the photo body is lying in Terri's bed in her apartment.

The End

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