chapter 1

god has changed the rules on earth after WW2, and now people must abide by these laws or face the punishment of being sent to hell.


A bright light shone around the world as every single person on earth looked to the sky as the blessed one, the lord our god descended from the sky. He opened his welcoming arms to his children with his broad, calming smile. “My flock, you have displeased me. Thou shall not punish the black sheep of the flock, but thou shall place new commandments into this flock. Starting from this moment on, everyone over the age of 12 shall be communed within an agreement of 27 sins, anyone who disobeys this blessing will be sent beyond purgatory, and beyond saviour. I shall bestow upon you the gift of measurement of these sins. All under the given age will learn about the 27 sins. Thou can repent these sins by good deeds of the lord. I see all, hear all and feel all, my flock, please, be welcomed to my arms as angels with fluorescent wings.” The lord announced. And from that moment on, all those over the age of twelve were given a pager like device with a screen that texted them their sins, and all those who broke this law of 27 sins, disappeared with no trace.



2014.         Town in Ireland.


I looked around, smiling at my new class mates. I was born into this world as a generation of the 27 sins agreement, well; it wasn’t exactly an agreement, as God himself came down and forced us into this way of living. But I’m not complaining! I mean I quite like it! From what I’ve seen on the news and all it seems crime rate over the years has gone down by 74%! How amazing? I’ve just turned 13, so I’ve had a year getting used to the new 27 sin stuff, at the moment, I’m on 5 sins, oops. I go down to the town and help out all the others tidy the place, then I go down to the ‘old’ people’s home and help them out there. I have a busy day! But if it pleases the god then I don’t mind. I wonder, is it a sin to spell wrong? I hope not! Or maybe to be over happy? Nah! I’m just over thinking this!


I walked down the pavement, my shoulder bag by my left hip. It was getting pretty dark; I had finished school, and all my helping out for the day, well, apart from at home since that’s where I was going. My long black hair shone in reflection to the setting sun. I hummed softly as I walked a tune my mother had taught me. I lived in an orphanage, since my parents had died in a man-made plague that ravaged our nation a while ago. I smiled as one of the fellow towns-folk walked by. He was slightly shady, with a black hoodie and dark blue jeans, hands in his pockets. Me? I was wearing my school clothes, since my school didn’t have a uniform we just wore the same basic styles; I wore black jeans and a baggy trousers. As the guy got closer I was growing more and more uneasy. Two people were following the guy, not far behind him, around three meters. The guy suddenly turned around, grabbed me in a lose headlock and I felt something shivery cold against my right temple. I hastily looked to my right to see the barrel of a gun aimed at me. Ok, by itself the gun was at least three sins, assaulting someone is another two and taking a hostage is another two, so that’s all seven sins, and by this guy’s haste and smoothness, this isn’t the first time he’s had to do this. I gulped and didn’t move. The two other men also drew guns and aimed at me, or wait no, at the guy. Oh my, what is it with guys and guns today? Is it a gun festival? Either way, this put the guy on edge and his headlock tightened. Before, I could just about breathe, but now, it was like the air was being sucked out of me and I couldn’t regain it. I started gasping for air and thought “oh no. well I’m sure, committing 1 sin isn’t as bad as being choked to death…” and I put my hands on his forearm and begun yanking him off of me, with no success; quite the opposite actually, as his grip tightened. I could feel my wind-pipe straining as my breathing at this stage was completely shut off. My vision began to blur and my weight started to fall against the guy. At this stage the guy and the two men were talking, but all I could hear was a mumble of words, that I couldn’t even make out. The guy suddenly dropped to the ground and I was let free, thank goodness! I coughed and spluttered while falling to the ground. My body couldn’t get enough oxygen in time so I passed out.

The End

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