25 Things About ElvisMature

  1. Despite what you may have heard, I am not currently living in Toronto, or anywhere in Canada for that matter.
  2. I am, however, currently living.
  3. If you’re wondering, I know for a fact that Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls did not pull an Elvis and fake their own deaths. Those boys really are dead.
  4. People think I look the same today as I did in 1977. I gotta ask those people, did you keep the same look you had 32 years ago?
  5. Why did I do it? Sometimes you get to a point in your career where you want to just go away, but you can’t go away unless you really go away. Does that make any sense?
  6. Do I miss performing? Sometimes. Do I miss life on the road? Not at all.
  7. I find Johnny Bravo to be hilarious.
  8. It took me a long time before I began to enjoy watching Bubba Ho-Tep. Not so much because of Bruce Campbell, but because of Ossie Davis. Then one day I really did see him as Jack Kennedy.
  9. Yes, it’s fiction, but that scene from Forrest Gump? Not so far from the truth...
  10. Eddie and the Cruisers, on the other hand, got it totally wrong.
  11. Regrets? I’ve had a few. For example, I regret not being able to walk Lisa Marie down the aisle.
  12. Then again, given how a few of her marriages went, maybe I’m better off.
  13. I shouldn’t have said that. I love my daughter.
  14. Honeymoon In Vegas was pretty funny. My ex-son-in-law can make good movies sometimes.
  15. To my other ex-son-in-law I say, “You were the King of Pop. I was the king of Rock and Roll. We both had our day in the spotlight, but people grew up and moved on. It’s time that you did too.”
  16. Regarding impersonators, one or two have been decent, most have been awful, but I do appreciate the love and effort they all put into it.
  17. Me on Ed Sullivan. Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. Times sure have changed.
  18. There was a time when people thought I was black. Then the record people sold me as a white man singing black music. Of course, I know there’s no such thing as white music or black music. Only music. Just ask Eminem.
  19. Ann Margret was the one person who really got me. Maybe a little too well.
  20. I loved Priscilla, but I guess nine years is a pretty big age difference.
  21. Then again, Ginger Alden was three when I met Priscilla.
  22. I like this .mp3 thing. When I first came up, records were the thing. Kids bought singles of the songs they wanted. When cassettes became the format, you had to work harder to get good songs on the album, because people wouldn’t buy it for just one or two songs. With CDs, I think it became even harder, because now you had to fill the disc with twelve or more good songs for people to buy it. With .mp3’s, kids just pick the songs they want again.
  23. I also like how .mp3’s make it easier for unsigned artists to find an audience. My first single, “That’s All Right” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” was just a demo that somehow found its way onto local radio.
  24. Retirement has been good to me. Mahalo!
  25. BTW (I like these internet/text abbreviations. It reminds me of “TCB” – “Taking Care of Business”), “Mahalo” is Hawaiian for, “Thank you very much!”
The End

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