ElshaHawk: Marie AntoinetteMature

1. Being the youngest child sucks royally. Especially when you have to wear hand-me-downs from 15 years ago!

2. I am obsessed with fashion. If i weren't Queen, I'd have been a fashion designer.

3. I really am grateful for my husband, the King, for rescuing me from youngest child syndrome and giving me unlimited access to fabric.

4. I would rather put my creative energy into fashion design than my husband. I hate it when my parents ask me, "When are you gonna give us grandbabies?" 'Where are those heirs?"

5. I tried to keep my children for the sake of the kingdom, but the people were so restless, so demanding, so cruel, I secretly never wanted them to become Kings or Queens.

6. I taught my children to have fun. I think I married too young and I never wanted them to forget their childhood and grow up too fast.

7. I tried to figure out what the people wanted of me, but really, I just wanted them to leave me alone!

8. As I grew up, I got used to the public eye, the scrutiny, the copycats. I allowed them to see my private quarters, I just gave up.

9. I often escaped with the kids to the fake country. I wonder if they ever knew it was fake?

10. I hated the things the people said about me! My husband was worse! He flirted around all the time! That's why I demanded to be present at all of his social events. The pig.

11. I never looked at my cousins like that! I had many brothers, I was a real tomboy as a child! So what if I had friends who were male!

12. I think the people just resented those colonists and their freedoms, with their Constitution and Rights...

13. It's not my fault! I married into this! Can't they leave me out of it! But I guess jealousy is irrational and inclusive.

14. The prison was NOT fashionable! But at least I could dress myself again! No more servants to look at me!

15. It's frustrating trying to be in charge when we ALL know we aren't in charge, it's just a title; King and Queen. The People are more organized, have a mob of followers, and get things DONE.

16. I think I secretly wish to be a commoner. But I have Duties and Position. Screw Position!

17. You know that dream you have as a little girl that some handsome prince will ride in on his white horse and whisk you away to the land of opulence? Yeah, it ends with famine, poverty, and war!

18. Seeing your death written in the eyes of every commoner is frightening.

19. Hearing them chant for your death is mind-numbing.

20. Watching your husband die for the satisfaction of those you thought you served, not only saddens and angers you, but the ultimate sacrifice of a life is just made meaningless. Why?

21. The people I served by representing them before Courts of Kings and Queens are now calling for my death, which in my sadness and utter heartbreak, I could care less.

22. Waiting to die is so depressing.

23. The people grow more restless every day, flaunting their drafted little constitution, modeled on those infernal Americans, and sneering in my windows.

24. I cry myself to sleep and long for the day when I will rest easy in my grave and my soul will be with those of my dead children and husband.

25. Does it have to be the guillotine? How medieval!

The End

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