Chapter 2: Exploration

Chapter 2


Bruce entered the main deck and saluted “you called for me Commander Lumber” he said loudly. “at ease Bruce” commander Lumber said quickly “now me, you, Gabriel, Chelsea and Mike are going to explore the ARTIC” he said while walking towards Bruce. When he got close enough to Bruce, he leant over and whispered something in his ear. When he finished he stood straight again and said to Bruce “understood?” Bruce’s eyes wondered a little to suggest he was doubting what he was told, but he then blinked and looked at Commander Lumber and nodded. “Ok everyone, prepare to explore the ARTIC, George take us in” he said walking towards George’s station. I started to go to my room to get ready for exploration when Chelsea wanted to talk to me outside the main deck. She was moving her hands as to say come here. So I went to her. “yes Chelsea?” I whispered to her. “Gabriel, do you think something’s going on? You know, like the Commander and Bruce weren’t just here for safety?” she said worriedly. “What do you mean Chelsea?” I said pretending not to be suspicious to make her feel calm. “well all that’s been happening between the Commander and-“ I interrupted her “look I’m sure it’s nothing, just something military that they can’t tell people like us, it’s only that I swear” I said trying to calm her down. “Yeh that makes sense . . . thanks Gabriel” she said while calming down. “Don’t worry about it, heck I nearly did the same” I said while chuckling “now go get ready, we’re sure to met your big sis there” I said walking off. Chelsea’s sister is also a worker on the ARTIC.

I went to my room to sort out my equipment for the repair. I tried to open my locker but still had to yank it open. This time the door fell off its hinges while I was still holding it. I looked at it and said “typical” then dropped it to the floor, I didn’t have much in my locker all I had was my repair kit and some spare clothes. I attached my repair kit to my engineer uniform, it was easy to carry around and I can access it easier. I looked at my broken locker door for a couple of seconds and realised the picture of Lilith wasn’t there, I panicked and searched the floor for a couple of seconds, and then I remembered it was in my pocket. After I stood up I put my hand in my pocket and got the picture of Lilith out and smiled.  The ship landed in the cargo bay of the ARTIC with a big bump. I wobbled then got my footing correct again, I put the picture of Lilith on my dirty pocket and ran towards the ships airlock. When I finally got to the airlock I saw that I was the last of the team to arrive, I was also the one with the scruffiest and dirtiest clothes. Commander Lumber and Bruce were in the military uniform, I couldn’t tell which country but it didn’t bother me, Chelsea was in some tight trousers and a tight shirt with jacket combo and Mike was in his comfort clothes as he has never gotten off the ship on a mission before.

Commander lumber looked at Chelsea and nodded. Chelsea locked the cargo doors after he nodded so we didn’t get sucked out into space. The noise of the cargo bay doors shutting could be heard clear as day from the ship. A giant gong noise went off; this was to say the doors have been sealed completely. A few seconds after this Commander Lumber opened the door and stepped out onto the cargo bay, when I feet landed on the floor dust shot up and surrounded our feet. I looked around when I got out the door and noticed there was no cargo, I thought this was rather odd because the cargo would have most of their food, drink and oxygen supplies. We continued north to the entrance of the ship’s main floors, Commander Lumber could see the door was locked and said “Chelsea this is where you come in” he moved out the way as Chelsea walked to the panel. She took the side panel next to the keypad on the wall off to reveal a USB slot “hold this” she said while turning around and giving the panel to Commander Lumber. He gave her evil eyes while holding the panel with his right hand. Chelsea got her PDA out and unclipped a section at the back of it and pulled out a cable with a USB end and plugged it in. “this will only take a second, so just bare with me” she said while typing on her PDA.

Suddenly there was a flashing red light with a siren going off; the room was flashing red and black. “CHELSEA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”  Commander Lumber yelled while dropping the panel. “don’t worry this only happens when you open the door, nothing to be alarmed about” Chelsea said calmly. “WELL THEN HOW LONG WILL THIS-“Commander Lumber yelled when he was interrupted by silence and the room coming back to the normal lighting. “All done” Chelsea said with a smile while Commander Lumber took his hands off his ears. The doors began to open and as they opened I saw a tail of some sort, it was wrinkled and pointed at the end it looked sharp enough to cut skin, as the light shone through the door it moved and suddenly ran away further down the corridor. This scared me “hey did you guys see that?” I said while the doors continued to open. “See what?” Mike replied confused, he was at the back so he couldn’t see anything that was happening; I looked at the floor for a second “no...Nothing, I guess I haven’t eaten much I’m starting to see things” I joked pretending that I didn’t see that. “Well, try not to scare us with your hallucinations” Commander Lumber said while walking through the door. I thought to myself “I’m sure there was something there, I didn’t imagine it” I continued to follow Commander Lumber when we came to a fork in the corridor.

Commander lumber started to think. “ok, Bruce, you, Gabriel and Mike go right, and me and Chelsea will go left” Commander Lumber said to Bruce while pointing down the corridors “try and get to the dinner hall in 2 hours, we’ll meet up there”. “got’cha” Bruce said “ok let’s get going”. Me and mike followed him down the right corridor. We walked for about half an hour then the lights went out suddenly “AHH! WHAT WAS THAT!?” Mike screamed as soon as the lights went off. “Relax, the lights have been on before we got here so its probably set on a timer” Bruce said while putting his torch on and placing it on his shoulder “put your torches on guys”. I pressed the torch on my shoulder on, and Mike was shaking too much to press his, so I grabbed it and put it on for him “calm down, this isn’t a horror film” I said while putting his torch on and attaching It to his shoulder. “Yeh your right, thanks Gabriel” he replied. I nodded and we continued to walk on. We came to a left turn eventually and Bruce paused for a second “sshh” he whispered. We could hear a rolling noise faintly down the corridor; it was getting louder and louder. Bruce pulled out his pistol from his pocket and aimed it to where the noise was coming from. It got closer and closer. It then came into view of the light. It was a plate with food attached on it. We all did I sigh of relief, then our lights reflected off something near the plate. Out of the darkness a small arm came out and grabbed the plate slowly.

“FREEZE!” Bruce yelled aiming his pistol at the arm “come into the light and show yourself”. The arm retracted and a helmet reflected the light back into our eyes. The helmet lifted up to show a child’s face, he was about 3ft tall, male, had cuts across his face, wore dirty trousers and shirt both clothes of Moliconian Industries and gloves and shoes that had holes in them they we also property of Moliconian Industries. “A child?” Mike said in confusion “they had children on board?” “They had entire families so I would think so” Bruce replied lowering the gun. I walked over and crouched in front of the kid, he looked at me with big eyes and said “you’re not like everyone else” with a wobbling voice.

The End

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