The year is 2340 space mining has just been introduced as the saviour of the planet as scientists recently discovered a new element that is powerful enough to provide fuel to power a car for a year with only one gram of this new element. The element is mechrethetium, it is found within asteroids and some moons revolving around planets with no life, a company called Moliconian Industries has initiated a 10 year plan for workers and their families to live on a space facility while they extract the element. 4 years has passed from the start of the programme and no problems has emerged, however Moliconian Industries has lost contact with the facility. Hoping the radio antenna has just been damaged by nearby space rock’s they send out a repair team to fix the problem.



Chapter 1

The space facility

“Ok wake up you bunch of sissy’s!” yelled a rough and croaky voice. I got up from my damp hammock and saw three other people get up in the room. My feet touched the floor the cold steel shocked me and I suddenly lifted my feet up and then put them back down slowly. “Hey Gabriel, stop lazing around and get dressed we’re coming close to the ARTIC” said Bruce. Bruce is from the military he is stationed out in space to stop any out of orbit attacks from enemy countries. He’s a rough man scar going down his right eye and a scar across his forehead, he had a shaved head with black stubble, and was wearing flexible clothes because he’s not on duty yet. I tried to think what Bruce was talking about and he saw I wasn’t getting it. “You know THE space facility” he said making me feel dumb. “Oh yeh, sorry just woken up, I might as well not know anything” I said while standing up. “Honestly I would have thought our repair man would know what ship he is repairing, especially since your wife is onboard” Bruce said to me while he put away his dark green socks in a container under his bed.

I stretched my back out and walked straight ahead towards my locker. Up against the wall were three green rusty lockers the first one to the left belongs to Mike, the assistant pilot, the middle one with a couple of holes in it belongs to me and the end one belongs to Bruce. I tried to open the locker door, it got stuck, again, so, as always, I yanked it open. It finally flew open and a piece of paper glided to the floor, I crouched to pick it up and my knees clicked. I picked the piece of paper up with my right hand, I turn it over to see it was the picture of Lilith, blond short hair, just missing her shoulders, with blue eyes and hoop earrings in both ears. I stood back up and stared at the picture and smiled. “Hey stop dilly dalling and get dressed, you can drawl over her after you fixed the antenna” Bruce said while handing me my engineer clothes, “I hear the boss is willing to drop you off here when it’s all fixed”.  “Yeh, well that’s the plan” I said taking my vest off revealing a toned body, not the fittest in the world but fit enough.  “BRUCE!! TO MAIN DECK ASAP!!” yelled the rough croaky voice from the intercom on the ship. “Well, duty calls, I’ll see you later then Gabriel” said Bruce jogging out the door. I chuckled and continued putting the rest of my clothes on.

I finished putting my engineer gear on and looked at the picture of Lilith “see you in a couple of hours” I said smiling and picking the picture up. “Gabriel tennibam to the main deck, NOW!” shouted the croaky rough voice. I rolled my eyes when I heard this and put the picture in my brown, quite dirty, pocket, shut my locker and ran to the main deck. While I ran through the corridors of the ship I saw hanging pipes, open wall power units and live wires hanging so people could hit them and be killed instantly. When I saw these I immediately tried to fix them making the area safer. After I had shut a power units lid I ran up some stairs and took a left. While I ran I slipped up and fell on my back hard making a loud thud noise. “urrrggg” I grumbled rolling onto my stomach. Slowly I started to get to onto my knees, when I heard running footsteps. “Oh senior, I’m sorry I forgot to put up the wet floor símbolo!” said Frederico, he was wearing janitor’s overalls while holding a mop and bucket. “urg, it’s ok,  Federico, honest mistake” I grumbled while getting up “any ways I have to go to the main deck, see you around ”. I started to jog off. “See you senior!” said Frederico while waving at me. Frederico is from Mexico, he joined Moliconian Industries to help his family with their money issues.

When I arrived at the main deck Commander Lumber was quietly talking to Bruce next to the right wall, Mike was helping George, the pilot, with some lock on co-ordinates. And Chelsea, our ship’s scientist and Intel receiver, was standing in the middle of the room making a map of the ARTIC on her PDA. I entered the room and no one seemed too noticed, so I coughed and said “you wanted to see me”. Commander lumber looked at me then looked back at Bruce “we’ll continue with the mission debrief later” he said, then grabbed his arm “remember no one else must know about this mission” he said in his ear. Bruce nodded and left the room. I heard Commander lumber say the mission was a secret and began to become suspicious of his intensions. He walked over and stood next to Chelsea, and began to talk. “Well I’m glad you got my intercom message” he said with his rough croaky voice “now to discuss the mission, we think the communication’s antenna has been damaged somehow, this should be enough for you to handle I hope”. As he said this I squinted my eyes at him “no problem sir” I said while restraining myself.

“I don’t think getting the antenna fixed is going to be a problem for Gabriel, he’s the company’s best engineer” said Chelsea defending me.  “I’m sure he is” said Commander Lumber while scowling and Chelsea “any way, when you have completed the mission we will discuss the matter of leaving you behind”. When he finished talking I nodded and walked over to the window on the left wall were I saw stars flying past, as we were at full speed. “We have approached our destination George” said a computer voice. “Thank you for informing us DANA” replied George, DANA was the ship’s Ai. We slowed our speed down and moved around a nearby planet to get in view of the ARTIC. While this was going on I moved towards George, Chelsea and Commander Lumber did the same. When we came into view of the ARTIC everyone stared at it. It was a completely steel facility around the size of a large village; the steel had dents in places due to little meteorites hitting the hull. Chelsea tried to connect her PDA to the ARTIC’s mainframe “from this distance, and with a little work, I can probably give us a damage report” she said while tapping on her PDA. We slowly got closer towards the ship and I realised that the radio antenna wasn’t damaged at all from the outside. “That’s odd” said Chelsea. “What is it?” commander Lumber quickly replied.

“I got full access to the ARTIC’s database with ease” Chelsea said confused. “Isn’t that a good thing?” Mike asked while he returned to his station. “Well yes and no” replied Chelsea “if the communication antenna was broken it would have taken me at least 10 minutes”. I turned around and looked at Chelsea and commander Lumber when I asked “I don’t see any exterior damage, maybe something in-side the facility is damaged so they can’t communicate?”. Chelsea looked at her PDA and looked at it for a couple of seconds before replying “I’ve got nothing on the damage reports, actually the ARTIC is completely fine, everything seems to be intact” straight after saying that a message came up on the PDA screen. The message had no image and some of the sound was missing “*static* if anyone *static* help and *static* save *static* as many people *static* farewell” the voice was a women’s, the static interfered with the message but we could understand it perfectly. “Commander?” Chelsea said while turning to him. The commander put his right hand in front of his mouth, his index figure touching his lip, while he thought. “Ok Gabriel, you, Chelsea, Bruce, me and Mike will explore the ARTIC for survivors” Commander Lumber said while walking over to the intercom. “Bruce main deck, NOW!!” he shouted into the intercom. “Commander you can’t be serious?” Chelsea said loudly “The message is broken up by static, we didn’t hear the proper message, it could be a trap, people could have gone mad and could be killing each other-”.  “I don’t care there could be survivors, and that’s good enough for me” Commander Lumber said while he interrupted Chelsea. As he looked at her with evil eyes Chelsea said “you don’t seem the slightest bit surprised of this Commander, maybe you knew this all the long” with a smug look on her face. Commander Lumber ignored Chelsea completely “George get us into the landing bay, Chelsea open the doors” Command lumber said. There was a brief moment of silence. “NOW! THATS AND ORDER” Commander Lumber shouted at Chelsea. She flinched at his sudden outburst and did what she was told and opened the doors, she was angry, her eyes showed me this.

The End

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