Flex is now sixteen. Heknows he's a son of Athus and Blaire... the 22nd, sin of Athus and Blaire. He also knows that the 23rd son of his parents would have the ability to manipulate anyone's movements by saying the number 23. But not all is what it seems in Dakeram...

Prologue--Shadows of the Past

A crying baby rolled restlessly in the loving arms of its mother. Shadows quivered darkly under their leaders who scurried through the wet streets of Dakaram, bumping into others as they went. The mother and husband ran past never-ending clusters of dead trees in forests. They were being chased by a definete threat. What? The Shadows of Mare. They live below us-- they are our shadows. But they do not need a host. They lurk in every corner, in every shade. If they wanted, they could control you. They can be ripped away... but it is painful to the human and it is a delicate process that takes quite a bit of time. In ripping away the shadow, you would be a member of the Zun-- a tribe of Assassins that don't trust anyone with their true names... not even their shadows. The baby's father's face was only a slight blur, as was the mother's. Two hostless, shadows slid gracefully across the ground. Their 2D forms lifted off of the ground and shaped into 3D figures of men. One man lifted his dark arm into the air. It bubbled and shifted as if it were living water. It transformed finally into a blade with shark teeth sticking out on the edge. The other one suddenly burst spikes out of himself. They advanced. "Athus... Blaire..." they said in dark voices. When they lifted their weapons their was a shreik and then...

Flex was awoken by his two best friends Erik Estony and Akrolyn Rayen yelling, "Flex! Flex? Wake up!"

His eyes fluttered open. "You'll never believe what just ran through my mind."


The End

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