This is the story of how I screwed up the world. This is also a story of how I saved it.

We're all created. And by created, I mean that we're all scientific experiments funded by the government for the government. You see, at some specific point in my country's history, the government decided that they didn't like the way people were turning out, so took it in their hands to ban live births, thus banning sexual relationships, and creating an entirely new scientific field dedicated to the creation of human beings.

         The government had an idealistic idea of what kind of person they desired. Somebody like them, of course, who had the same values, the same interests, the same mind. They also wanted a person who looked up to their government, their country, their controllers. The first few decades were messy, with mistakes running rampant. There was a rash of executions, culminating until the population dwindled and only a few people remained. Finally, however, a miracle! One insignificant scientist discovered a connection between some insignificant cell and one very significant egg, and bam! The government had their perfect human. With this new discovery, the government was able to successfully breed, or rather, create, the perfect society, with mindless freaks inhabiting said society. It worked for a few years, and then the perfect humans began adapting. Slowly, in minute quantities, the perfect humans began misbehaving. Eventually, the country was at the brink of rebellion, for these perfect humans had succeeded in breaking the barrier that science created, and all began to realize that the country they lived in was a backwards country.

And so, the government came up with a solution. They had noticed that the change of thought began later in life, when the perfect humans achieved the age of twenty-two. The answer was easy. Kill the perfect humans at twenty-two, prevent a rebellion. And so that's what the government did. These humans, programmed by the government, didn't realize that their life was being cut short. They only knew what the government told them, and so they believed that dying at twenty-two was normal, if not honorable. And all was calm, for over a hundred years. And then another problem.

Science isn't perfect, and is bound to fail at times. It did. While the majority-98% to be exact-was what the government dubbed an 'Intellectual', or rather, a perfect human, 2% of the entire population was what the government called, 'Creative'. These handful of people, an extreme minority compared to the entire population, were the failed science experiments, the ones who had misbehaved from the very beginning, who never accepted their government fully. Or as I like to say, they were the ones who had a mind of their own. The government couldn't just kill them off, because they were a constant, reoccurring thing. So the government, in all their mercy, allowed these Creatives to wander free, with only a yellow tag marking their danger. It was extremely hard to commit crimes in my country, and even harder to have privacy, so the government didn't worry about the Creatives too much, though they always kept an eye out. The 'Intellectuals' tended to stay away from Creatives, not allowing the Creatives to influence anybody, and there was no threat for rebellion. Until one Creative, a Creative like no other, took action against the government.

That's me. Great intro, huh? Yeah, the history of Cathadon isn't something one likes to dwell on for too long. It's too depressing. Anywho, welcome to my story. I'm sorry that you have to read about it, but let's get started before you change your mind.

My name is AJ. Actually, my name is 12049580. We don't have names in Cathadon, only numbers. But I gave myself a name. Because I can. Because I'm a Creative. Because I can speak for myself. Because the government doesn't control me.

The End

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