But It's Spring!

It's Spring?

It's Spring.

It's Spring!



I love everything about Spring. I love the first daffodils that bloom next to the stark, gray sidewalk. I love the first red-breasted robins that arrive and perch on the dogwoods. I love the first scent of baking now that people are opening their windows.

To me, Spring is when the year really starts. The Winter is a blanket of death. It depresses us and keeps us trapped inside our houses for three months.

But Spring! It's an excuse to start over! It lets us realize all those thoughts that hibernated in the corners of our minds during Winter. Spring is a new beginning.

At least that is what I told my boyfriend, or rather - ex-boyfriend. He said it was a shoddy reason for breaking up with him. I think it's perfectly fine.

He says these are the possible reasons I really broke up with him:

  • I like someone else.
  • I didn't want to be seen with him in public.
  • I was just dating him to climb the social ladder.
  • The whole thing was a lie and he was just a joke to me.

Now, may I just point out the untruths in these accusations? Thank you.

  1. I did happen to meet another boy who I do hold some attraction for, but only the tiniest inkling of a crush remains in my soul. I would never dump someone for another person!
  2. I didn't mind being seen with him. I was just kind of uncomfortable when people looked at our interlinked fingers and frowned.
  3. He's so popular! What girl wouldn't like him? Sure, maybe I didn't really like him when he asked me out, but I can assure you: I grew to like him quickly.
  4. This one is a complete lie! Well... Sure... Sometimes I would tell my friends things he confided in me, but... but...

I am not that type of person!


Am I?


Oh, crap.


But it's Spring!

The End

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