ACDC's Highway to Hell blared on the radio as the dusty Jeep sped down a long country road. Roy was staring into the distance with all other sounds becoming a distant buzz. He remembered the fire, cars exploding after being molotoved and windows being shattered.

    He remembered walking out into the streets and seeing rioting, soldiers and officers with riot shields and batons were holding off a mob of rioters. And then eventually a gunshot cracked the air. Everything was silent, then a man in the crowd fell to his knees, blood pouring from his chest. The mob attacked the soldiers again but this time with intensity and with weapons. Molotovs and tear gas grenades criss crossed the night sky as soldiers clubbed rioters and rioters tore at soldiers.

    Suddenly the Jeep stopped, waking Roy from his dream. He looked in front of the car and there was a barricade in the middle of the road. It was made of gathered up pieces of wood and fence posts along with car parts. Five grimy and dusty men stood in front of the wall with  baseball bats and axes, one had a shotgun.

    "Great", Roy said, "Highwaymen". He got out of the car and stood about ten feet from the bandits. The man in the middle spit his chew on the road in front of them and said.

     "You gotta pay a toll to by me and ma' boys 'ere." Roy rolled his eyes alittle, judging by the cars carelessly pushed to the side of the road and the fact that their barricade wasn't made for letting people by, the bandit was lying. He would just take the money then kill them.

    "Alright, here this is all I got". Roy said. The bandit stepped toward Roy to take the money and as soon as he reached his hand for the money Roy made his move. Fast as lightning he grabbed the bandits hand and twisted it behind his back and bent it as far as he could, breaking it like a twig. The man screamed in pain and Roy took his baseball bat.

    Another bandit jumped at Roy but Roy clubbed him in the side of the head before he could wind up for his swing. The third bandit swung an axe at Roy but he sidestepped the axe and grabbed the handle. He kicked the bandit in the groin then took the axe and swung it in one fast arc into the doubled over bandits back. The fourth was pumping his shotgun, he obviously didn't expect to use it today.

    Roy swatted the barrel aside then grabbed the mans head and drove his knee into the bandits face. He grabbed the shotgun before it hit the ground, drove the stock into the bandits stomach then quickly spun around and shot the fifth bandit who was running at him with a knife. The last bandit was stumbling from the hit and began to fall but before he even hit the ground Roy pumped the shotgun and plugged a shell into his chest.

    Roy wiped his hands on a rag then began searching for money around the camp. He found a meagre amount of money but it had to do. Soon he cleared the barricade and the Jeep was on it's way again, speeding down the road with ACDC blaring the radio.


The End

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