They did nothingMature

    Roy was sitting inside a ruined house cleaning and oiling his guns when he heard the sound of a car. He grabbed his AK shoved in a clip and walked outside. He saw a dusty, beaten up jeep standing idle in the road. There were two people sitting in the car, a woman and a young boy.

    Roy lowered the muzzle of his gun alittle, realizing they weren't a threat, but still worth noting. They hadn't seen him yet as they were focused on a map, obviously lost. Roy stepped out from the rubble and said.

    "Who are you?" It was an old fashioned question Roy knew but it needed to be asked. When they heard his voice they both jumped, they jumped again when they saw the Ak .47 in Roy's hands.

    "Please, we don't have any money we were just..." The woman started but Roy cut her off.

    "I'm not here to rob you, you just seemed lost."

    "Oh..." The woman seemed relieved but still suspicious of Roy. "Yes, we're looking for New York. We were told that New York was safe, and still standing."

    "Well, you're here," Roy said, gesturing to the ruins around him.

    "But... we were told that there was a safe camp in Time Square." The woman replied, sounding frightened.

    "There was... until the Black Faces moved in." Roy said, "as for the city, well it's still standing...if only barely." The woman sank in her seat.

    "We came all this way," she muttered to herself, "all the way from Philadelphia for a pile of rocks."

    "Philidelphia? Is it in ruins too?" Roy asked.

    "Completely," she replied ,"worse than here if you can believe that, not a single pebble that isn't scorched there. Marines and Black Faces had a clash there that you wouldn't believe. In the end it was impossible to tell who won, the city was burnt to ash and the people - those that survived - fled."

    "Marines?" Roy said, a hint of disgust present in his voice. "Hmph, some good they did eh? They let the world burn as they sat and watched."

    "The Marines did everything they could!" The woman said angrily.

    "They did nothing!" Roy snapped back harshly.

    "They tried to help but..."

    "But it wasn't enough..." Roy said grimly.

    "My husband was a Marine," she said. "He fought to protect us, and this country!"

    "Hmph, so do you want directions?" Roy asked impatiently.

    "New York is gone, where else can we go?" She said. 

    "I was getting ready for a trip to Washington DC," Roy said, "there are people still fighting there. It's probably the safest place in the U.S. and I think riding in a jeep would be much more comfortable than walking."

    "Well, I guess that's where we'll go, grab your stuff and get in. We can't waste any time." Roy ran back inside the house and grabbed his gear and threw the bundle in the back seat of the jeep.

    "By the way, I'm Roy, Roy McBane."

    "Miranda," the woman said, "Miranda Evans, this is my son Jacob." She pointed to the boy in the back seat.

    "Pleased to meet you," Roy said, then he whistled loudly and said, "Come on Blitz, time to go for a ride boy!"



The End

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