After a few minutes of searching the nearby area they found a shed and inside was a big old, red pickup truck. They had no idea where the keys were but the door wasn't locked. Roy hopped in the drivers seat, unsheathed his knife and stuck it in the ignition and twisted it. The old truck roared to life, by the sound of it, for the first time in years. Roy wiped a thick layer of dust off the windshield and opened the door for Miranda and Jacob.

The truck burst out of the shed and they made their way back onto the highway and began speeding down east. Roy told Miranda and Jacob to get some sleep while he drove and they happily agreed, as their previous sleep had been interrupted by a chainsaw wielding maniac. Roy was speeding down the highway like the devil was on his tail. Hell, considering the world around him, the devil would seem like Mother Thereasa after what he'd seen the hands of men do.

He tried to turn on the radio but there was no signal in the open country here. He just sat back and continued driving on forward. Suddenly he was aware of Miranda, sitting in the passenger seat, staring at him intently. She looked puzzled, as if she couldn't figure out who this man in the driver's seat was, or what.

"Need something?" He said.

"Who are you?" She asked quietly, not wanting to wake Jacob, who was sleeping quietly in the middle seat. "I mean besides Roy McBane, what did you do before all of this?"

"For me," Roy began. "There was no 'before this', I was part of a secret branch of the CIA. We were a task force called 'Wraith 13', I was codenamed Mongoose, along with my partners, Agincourt and Gadwall. It was 2 years ago, just before the war with China. We were on an undercover black op mission in the mountains of China, our mission was to execute the Chinese dictator Qin su Kai.

"He was at his vacation house in the Emei Mountains, we were dropped in by  a low flying plane. Qin, focusing more on looks that defense, put his house just above the clouds, providing adequate cover for us to scale the mountain and he wouldn't see us coming. We made it up the mountain, killed the guards with suppresed weapons and made our way to the house but when we made our way inside we were greeted by President La Marseilles. He had been secretly collaborating with with Qin su Kai, their goal was to have China conquer America and turn in into a communist state. "

"That sounds like Cold War stuff, I thought that ended like, years ago when the Soviet Union fell." Miranda said.

"That's what the public was told, but it continued through China. After China's involvement in the Korean War, they decided to take a position in the power struggle. So they started advancing, event went through a whole industrial revolution to catch up with the two world superpowers, America and Russia. The Cold War continued against China after the Soviet Union fell, but it was kept secret to keep the world from further segregation. China eventually was ready for war but they did not know how they would start it without the whole world coming to destroy them.

"But when Le Marseilles came to Qin with his proposal, Qin couldn't refuse. So Le Marseilles sent us, Task force Wraith 13 to China. He told us we must assassinate Qin, telling us that Qin wanted war and that the only way to avoid it was to kill him so that China would be leaderless. So we went, but when we got there, Le Marseilles was waiting for us in the middle of the main room of the house. Armed men, Private mercenaries for Le Marseilles surrounded us."

"What did they do? I mean, you must have escaped right? Otherwise you wouldn't be here right?" Miranda asked, wanting to hear more.

"He told us his plan then ordered the mercenaries to shoot us. They shot the three of us and left us in the middle of the floor, bleeding. I was lucky, the one who shot me was a rookie and his bullet missed any major organs, but it shattered my collarbone. They took pictures of the area, the dead bodies, including the Chinese soldiers. I laid on the floor and watched Le Marseilles board his helicopter and take off, free to spread war and chaos. When they had left I got up, Gadwall was still breathing, barely, but he was alive, Agincourt didn't make it...

"I just barely managed to carry Gadwall outside. I lit a flare and threw it off the side of the mountain. It was supposed to be the evac signal when we were done. I was hoping that maybe the plane pilots weren't in on it too. I was lucky, a Black Hawk helo emerged from the clouds and landed on the helipad. The pilot flew us back to the spot where our plane was waiting. But when we got there, the plane had been blown up, destroyed by a predator missile. We told the pilot about Le Marseilles, he flew us to a nearby town. We took Gadwall to the hospital, he was worse than I was, a bullet had just missed his heart by half an inch. When we were patched up we took a plane back to America and changed our names."

"So then Roy isn't your real name?" Miranda asked.

"Nope, My real name is Sean Cross." Roy said, Miranda was shocked.

"You mean THE Sean Cross? The one who single-handedly took down a ship full of pirates off the coast of Somalia? The same Sean Cross who led a small team of soldiers into Brazil and took down a whole drug cartel and secured billions of dollars of drug money!" Miranda said.

"Yep, the very same," he said, "and that was Wraith 13 that I led into Brazil. Not that it matters now, the world is engulfed in fire and radiation. My past exploits mean nothing, I need to get to DC."

"Why? What's in DC? I mean, besides a safe zone, maybe." Miranda said.

"Le Marseilles is there, probably hiding in the white house now that he has noone to protect him. His mercenaries left him  and became the Black Face's when the money stopped flowing. If I don't get to DC and expose Le Marseilles for what he is, the world will never see peace."

"How are you going to do that?" Miranda said. "Le Marseilles is... was the President of the United States."

"And I'm a national hero, Le Marseilles is a failed president that couldn't even protect America from nuclear warfare. The world hates him but they have nothing to arrest him for. If I were to give my testament, the whole world would know what he did."

"Well then what are we waiting for? Let's get to DC!" Miranda said, the two of them grinned at eachother and sped down the road. The radio started working and the song Back in Black began playing, a fitting song, Sean thought.

The End

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