Nowhere is safeMature

Miranda woke to the sound of the barn door opening. It was late at night and it was still raining heavily outside. There was someone in the doorway, at first she thought it was Roy but this figure was very bulky and large, Roy was nowhere to be seen. The figure in the doorway stepped forward and raised something above his head. Suddenly the sound of a chainsaw tore through the air as the figure leapt at Miranda.

She dodged the initial strike but the attacker kept swinging his long-bladed chainsaw in wide arcs. She was packpedaling just out of reach of the chainsaws blade when suddenly she fell. She kept backing up until she reached a wall, she grabbed a nearby pitchfork for baling hay and jammed it into the attackers leg. As he tried to pull the long fork tines from his thigh Miranda got up and ran to Jacob. She held her son close to her as the assailant lumbered towards them menacingly, thunder blared in her ears and she closed her eyes and began to pray.

Suddenly lightning flashed, and Roy was behind the chainsaw wielding attacker. He threw a fist into the back of the mans head then kick the back of his leg with such force that the man collapsed to his knees. Roy put the man in a chokehold and slammed him into the wall, holding him there while he drew his knife and stuck it in his ribcage. Roy backed off, thinking he had slain the man but against his hopes, the man simply pulled the knife from his side and threw it aside.

Roy shrugged and raised his fists, standing on the balls of his feet, ready to strike. The attacker swung but Roy dodged and countered with a powerful right hook to the jaw and three swift jabs to the nose. The attacker staggered for a moment, shaken by the speed and accuracy of Roy's punches. He went for another swing but Roy grabbed his arm and threw a powerful punch straight into the mans nose followed by three body shots.

The man, frustrated, tried to grab Roy's head but Roy began throwing uppercuts that crushed his jaw. The man was obviously rocked by the punches, he stood still, swaying and dazed. Roy stepped forward and threw a high headkick, knocking the man straight to the ground, Roy couldn't tell if he was dead or unconcious so to be safe he took his knife and stuck it in the mans juggular vein. He was wiping the blood off of his knife when Miranda stepped forward and said.

"Just who are you?" She demanded. "Where did you learn to fight like that? Back at the barricade I thought it was just luck but...this... you practically killed a man with your bare hands and you aren't even scratched!" Roy looked at her sympathetically and said.

"I'll explain it later, we're going to have to find somewhere safe," he pointed to the dead chainsaw wielder on the ground.

"What was wrong with that man anyway?" Miranda asked.

"He was insane," Roy said. "When the War with China reached its peak, paranoia and fear struck the world. People like this boarded up their homes and sat inside with nothing but a radio, a gun and a tin foil hat. And when the war was over, the paranoid people that did survive were left with no human interaction for two years. He's obviously gone insane from lack of human interaction and war paranoia. And three random strangers show up in the middle of the night armed, what else is there for him to think?"

"So he would've just killed us and left?" Miranda said.

"Probably not," Roy began. "He's probably run out of food."

"Sounds like a bad case of the munchies." Miranda said. Roy laughed and said.

"Well, we should find somewhere safe, I don't want to stay around here much longer. If our friend here has friends, I don't want them coming for a bite of manwich.

The End

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