Broken downMature

"Well that's awesome," Roy slammed the hood of the jeep shut. Their car had broken down in the middle of the road and farmland surrounded them. He grabbed his gun and backpack from the jeep and Blitz hopped out. Miranda and Jacob followed.

"So what do we do now?" Miranda said.

"We walk," Roy said.

"Where?" Asked Miranda.

"Well, DC is east so...east?" He continued walking. Suddenly he felt something hit his nose. He looked up and saw dark clouds gathering. "It's about to rain." He said, "we should find some shelter." They saw an abandoned barn a little ways off the road and made their way to it. The building was old and rickety but it stopped the rain and the hay provided alittle warmth.

Roy sat down on a wooden chair and said.

"You two should get some sleep, I'll keep watch." They happily obliged and made a bed out of hay. They went to sleep a few minutes later, Roy stared at them. It made saddened him yet brought him hope. This was the first sign of humanity he had seen in a long time that didn't want to blow his head off and take his money. He was glad he met them but he knew they would never make it, eventually, they were going to die.

The End

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