Erica's morning

Erica woke in the night feeling rested. Had her ring sparkled? She had been wearing it only to bed. They charged her credit card on finding that she wasn't wearing it enough during active hours. There must have been a chime on her computer, a signal from the ring that they had updated the results. The ring sparkled again and the computer chimed again.
The ring shone a deep crimson and gold luster, warm by comparison to its normal reading of pink and grey. She sat up meditatively, enjoying the moment's warmth, and the faint wafting of the air purifier at the foot of her bed, an hour before dawn. She balanced the first chakra before getting up and going over to her desk, opening an application window for the results from the mood ring. A message was welcoming her back to the application. “Hi Erica, We want to say thanks and offer a full rebate in the event that you fulfill your modeling agreement. Our records show that you have 110 days to go in order to reach the goal of 200 total days, required for the final payment. There are 260 days remaining to fulfill the agreement, receive a full rebate for the cost of the product, and receive the final payment to you for your services. Thank you.”
She tapped through to the results, first playing the top song and reading a poem, replaying the song and reading reports about her energies and rhythms. The red and gold application theme, a welcome change from pink and grey, whose reports had been incongruous, the songs dull, the poems dense. So this was better, adequate to her mood.
Erica had put the mood ring aside in Mexico, assuming there was ample time to put it back on and then complete the contract before being charged, but the transmitter reported a month of disuse and the company got full price for the ring and extra services. She liked the mood ring itself, the long, glossy oval display enclosed inside an elegant solar panel. The sales representative talked her into the extras and the modeling agreement, offering them all for free, plus a cash payment upon a year of wear. "Out and about," the representative had said, "just like now."
"What if it breaks?"
"Email us and we’ll replace it, just like a warranty, but it's very durable and resistant."
"How much wear constitutes a day?"
"We hope you'll wear it all the time, but seven active hours counts."
"Do I have to check in every day?"
"Not at all. The transmitter looks for open connections, in addition to the one you establish at home. When it finds a connection, it automatically uploads the data we need for the recommendations."
Back in her apartment on campus, unpacking the product and peeling off the white, opaque film from the display and opalescent panel, Erica logged in to the service, completing their account-creation survey. The ring was popular at school, she fielding questions from her friends, some soon wearing their own.

The End

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