Downtown Redux

Davis sees a woman sitting on the steps of the hostel. He sits on a bench across the street. Her skin is dark and she wears a thin jeans-jacket of a sort, out of fashion by itself, though it’s adorned with embroideries. Someone emerges, speaks to her and picks up something from the corner just out of sight, turns around and goes the other way, probably parked in the lot under the expressway. Davis approaches the woman from across the street and sits beside her, taking off his hat. She looks at him. He asks her name. She palms over his hand hers. “I'm from Kansas City. I'm here with—“ she leans forward, looking down the street for Burke. “I'm here to make a new movie.”
“You don't say,” he pauses. “I just saw my first one, out in the multiplex.”
“How was it?”
Davis expressed astonishment. She tells him how many people have been scanned into the system, available as actors for these movies. “You've seen the studio down the street?” she says. “You can be scanned in there.”
“I might wait.”
She chuckles. Burke approaches, nods to them introducing himself. Davis wants to take them out for drinks, and they agree to go with him.

The End

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