The Love Scene

Erica paused the viewing. Burke had fallen asleep and started to snore. On waking him, he went to bed and she saved the movie to finish watching later. She had been through it several times and so far, the only new thing the hostel and the engineer. Erica decided to go to bed. Burke was already snoring. Erica climbed into bed with him. She felt warmer towards him than ever before. She had a ten percent take of net revenues from the movie, which already had secured college education funds for both of her small children, as well as paying for a modest home and a new car. People loved the movie, it was clear.
She turned on her side and placed her hand between his shoulders, in a motion tracing the contours of his back, over his dark shirt. He quieted when her hand reached the skin of his arm. A moment passed, where he was awake and he felt her touch upon him, then turning onto his back, another moment. He moved to face her, looking upon her, both of them in the silence. A minute passes, they looking inside each other, then they begin to kiss, and make love.

The End

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