Double bluff

Elena spins around on her heel.

"Thomas?What-", she sputters.

"Go in," Thomas says gravely.

Elena breathes shakily. What was going on?

"Move, or I will shoot," he says, and Elena notices the outline of a gun in Thomas' left pocket. Her feet remain rooted to the spot, but her eyes flit around the area, trying to signal for help. Slowly, she opens her mouth to yell, but a deep chuckle from Thomas cuts her short.

"You didn't thing you'd find Sabre headquarters that easily, did you?" Thomas says, a smile playing on his lips. "Even Carter's fooled."

"But, what about the whole plan?" Elena says hoarsely, her voice barely a whisper.

"That was a cover. Just like this building. Now, go in."

Elena doesn't move. Thomas sighs in exasperation, and pushes Elena through the door.

Elena resists, and her knee slams against the frame before she falls headfirst on the wooden floor. Elena groans in pain, and turns to lie on her side. Thomas steps in after her, and closes the door behind them, before roughly pulling Elena to her feet and dragging her out through a back door.

A cold, swift breeze greets Elena and she realizes that she is in some sort of garden. Trampled, tangled weeds cover the muddy ground, and sickly green moss climbs up the stone walls. Before Elena completely registers her surroundings, Thomas pulls her towards a black minivan parked on the side of an overgrown hedge.

"Thomas, stop!" Elena cries, as he opens the back.

Wordlessly, he throws her in, and shuts the door. Elena feels the darkness engulf her and hammers on the sides of the car. She hears the engine revving and hollers over the noise, but it is no use. The car starts, and she screams one final time through gasps of air. Then finally, her cheeks wet with tears, and her eyes stinging, she slumps against the side of the van and wraps her arms around her knees, sobbing silently.


The ride isn't long, and Elena crouches in a corner, when Thomas tries to come get her. She claws at the much bigger man in desperation, but he merely curses and pins her arms behind her back before dragging her towards the garage of a small house. Two men emerge from the garage, and run towards them. One blindfolds Elena while the other helps Thomas drag her. Elena feels herself being forced down a flight of stairs and pushed into a chair before the blindfold is taken off.

Elena's eyes take some time to adjust to the brightness. She realizes she is in some sort of laboratory. The walls are so white they hurt her eyes, and a million tiny bulbs line the floor. A giant monitor is lit up with a strange display of looping patterns, and various other strange looking equipment lie around the room. Along the wall are orange chairs, Seated lazily on one of them, is Dr. Hammond.

Elena looks at him through tired eyes.

"I can't thank you enough, El." Dr. Hammond says, taking off his glasses."You led Carter and his team of  muddled half-wits right into a trap."

"What do you mean?" she whispers.

Dr. Hammond gets up from his chair and circles Elena, until he is face-to-face with her.

"As soon as they enter that building, " Dr Hammond starts, "They trigger a series of nanowires connected to the systems here at Sabre." 

A smile creeps into his haggard face.

"Push of a button and, boom" Dr. Hammond says , snapping his fingers.

Elena shakes her head, and fresh tears spring to her eyes. She couldn't make any sense of what was happening at all.

Dr. Hammond, leans in close so that his face almost touches Elena. "Don't fear, your sacrifice will finish what Jack couldn't complete."

At the meantion of Jack's name, Elena springs up almost hitting Dr. Hammond with her head.

"What have you done with Jack?" she asks shakily.

"Mr. Tanner died of an overdose of his own medicine, dear. They never autopsied the body, for on thorough examination, they would've found that it was not Jacks' body."

"He's not dead," Elena says, scarcely daring to breathe.

"Oh no, he's right behind you." Dr. Hammond says. No sooner did he speak, that did the lights go out, and the room lit up by a strange cold orange glow. Dr. Hammond seemed to have disappeared. 

Elena looks around her. Somewhere in the room, she can hear the snarl of an enraged animal.

The End

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